Vega S.r.l is an Italian company which manufactures elevator components such as elevator fixtures (push buttons, floor indicators and car operating panels), fixtures components, elevator electronic devices and pre-wiring systems. It is based in Ponzano di Fermo, Italy.


The company was founded in 2004 by its three founders as Vega and started out in electronic design and automation fields. In 2006, it produced its first microprocessor elevator controller. Three years later, Vega Style, a company which specializes operating control panels for elevators was established. Vega established branches in Brazil and Shanghai, China in 2014 followed by a U.S. branch two years later. In 2017, both Vega and Vega Style merged and became part of the Vega Group.

Elevator fixtures

Main article: List of Vega elevator fixtures

Subsidiaries and overseas distributors

As of 2020, Vega has four subsidiaries:

  • V America (United States, based in Oceanside, NY)
  • Vega Elevator Components Shanghai Co., Ltd. (China, based in Shanghai)
  • Vega São Paulo (Brazil, based in São Paulo, another branch exist in Porto Alegre and known as Vega Style)
  • Vega Russia (ВЕГА Россия ) (Russia)


  • Domestic distributors:
    • EL. COM. 3000 (Rome)
    • Elsystemitalia s.r.l. (Rome and Catanzaro)
    • Ematic S.r.l. (Isola delle Femmine)
    • GEAT Elevators S.r.l. (Naples)
    • Lift Parc S.r.l. (Orbassano)
    • Pelazza Peppino S.r.l. (Cernusco)
    • Savelli Ascensori S.r.l. (Fermo)
    • Telcal S.r.l. (Rome and Milan)
  • Overseas distributors:
    • ASB Component Lift Sp. z o.o. (Poland)
    • Duyanh Imexco (Vietnam)
    • EFALIFT (Sistemas e Tecnologias para Elevadores Lda.) (Portugal)
    • Quantum Export & Import (Argentina)
    • Vario Lift B.V. (Netherlands)

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