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Vander Electronic Technology (Chinese: 宏大工程) is a company based in Hong Kong, China since 1992. It specializes elevator floor position indicators, voice synthesizers and emergency telephones.


LED floor indicators

Vander provides different types of LED floor indicators with 16-segmented and/or LED dot-matrix displays.

Most of their LED dot-matrix floor indicators are of higher density, to display Chinese characters. They can be green, red, yellow and even white. Vander's LED dot-matrix indicators are mostly used by Schindler for their D-Line and sometimes newer M-Line elevator fixtures in Asia Pacific, but they are also used by other brands such as Fujitec[1], Otis[2], Sigma[3], etc.

LCD floor indicators

The LCD floor indicators can be implemented in different sizes, depending on the width of the indicator window.

Multimedia LCD floor indicators

These are large LCD floor indicators which displays multimedia. Almost all of these indicators resembles Schindler's E-Vision display.

Hall lanterns

Vander also makes hall lanterns in different variations and shapes. Only one variant which has a floor indicator with LED dot matrix display[4].

Floor announcement components

The company also makes common type of synthesized floor announcements for accessible elevators[5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12]. By default, the supported languages includes Cantonese, Putunghua (or Mandarin) and English[12]. Sometimes, those voices can be replaced with other voices by insert them into the storage media.


An announcement sample recorded from the elevator installed with the standard Vander synthesized floor announcements. From the Otis SkyRise at the building in Hong Kong, China.



2019 ThyssenKrupp elevator with Vander Floor announcement components in Hong Kong


  • Some elevator enthusiasts from Hong Kong, China refers the Vander synthesized floor announcements as either "Fujitec Voice" or "Fujitec-Schindler Voice", when those components are mainly installed in both Fujitec and Schindler elevators in Hong Kong, China[7][8]. However, these terms are misleading as those voices can be installed on elevators installed by other companies[12].

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