• I live in Semarang, Indonesia
  • I was born on April 10
  • My occupation is Student, Brony, Poptropica, Elevator Filmer, Elevatorpedia Job
  • I am Boy
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Welcome to my profile page! Please do not copy anything else (especially other wikis) without my permission! If you want to copy anything, ask my permission first!

—ElevatorToughLionTV, The 4th Admin of Elevatorpedia

Discontinued from 1st profile! Moved to ElevatorToughLionTV .

My job is maintaining and contributing Elevatorpedia, using Skyscraper, playing Poptropica, uploading my elevator videos or off-topic videos, filming the elevators and escalators, and working on the ETLAnimatedLift.

ElevatorToughLion contains elevator and escalator videos, off-topic channel and videos, poptropica elevator and escalator videos, and animated elevator videos.


Friendly Spider

I like

  • Making animated elevator videos
  • Requesting fictional building to AnimatedLift Prod.
  • Requesting real building name to AnimatedLift Prod. (only for my imagination)
  • Watching my own TV (ETL's TV)
  • Filming the elevators
  • Playing Poptropica online game

I don't like, hate and afraid

I don't like

  • Flies (in my home)
  • Cherry
  • Expensive gadgets

I hate

  • Out of service mode (like my experience in Paragon Mall, Semarang)
  • Immature or spam people
  • People are liking contributing about elevator company, selling elevators, and everything that are spamming!!!!
  • Jordan A Leskmono (Jordan Abednego Leskmono) (Last time, he called me "Sucks", "Stupid" and he blocked me in YT)
  • Gen1212, Neu1212 (Fadil) (he wanted me to get annoying from us)
  • ZaraTechnoDj (Bumpfan's friend)

I'm afraid of

  • Low battery in my iPod touch 5 32GB and iPod touch 3, my iPad (iPad 1), and my cellphones.
  • Very big flies
  • Sleeping alone (sometimes)

Devices for recording videos

  • iPod Touch 5 32GB Blue (Feb 2013 - current)
  • Samsung C3520 (Feb 2013 - discontinued since unknown date)
  • Nokia E71 (May 2013 - current)
  • Nokia N76 (June 2013 - current, to be used soon)

ETL Links

Favorite TV Show, Games, & Gadgets

Favorite TV Show

  • Swampy's Underground Adventures
  • Oggy and the Cockroaches
  • Justice League Unlimited
  • Revenge (Season 2)
  • Gravity Falls
  • Dude, that's my GHOST!
  • Mutant Mayhem (NGW Titled)

Favorite Games

  • Poptropica (my favorite kids children online game)
  • Club Penguin
  • Angry Birds
  • MLP (My Little Pony)
  • Fruit Ninja

Favorite Gadgets

  • iPod Touch 5 32GB/64GB Blue
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy Camera
  • iPad Mini
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (Jelly Bean)

Warning from copying ETL Favorites

  • Please do not copy my favorites (especially other wikis) without my own permission! If you do this, it will be instantly warned and blocked by specified period!

When I active?

  • I will be active on my computer (Windows 7 PC), my iPod Touch (iPod touch 5 32GB), my old iPod touch (iPod touch 3), and my iPad (iPad 1).
  • Sometimes, in my school's computer, I go to Elevatorpedia to check recent wiki activity and read some pages like Elevator Fixtures Guide and Indonesian Elevator Guide. (But, my teacher said it can be used for doing science project or something.)
  • I checked Indonesia Elevator Guide hosted site. So I read more everything unlike in this wiki.

My Job at all?

  • I always maintaining this wiki (Elevatorpedia). I always checked the recent wiki activity if there is much vandalism/spam.
  • I work Elevatorpedia on my iPod Touch (iPod touch 5 32GB), my iPad (iPad 1), and my old iPod Touch (iPod touch 3).
  • I update the pages and my blogs if there is outdated or bug need to be fixed.
  • I film the elevators much so well in Semarang, Indonesia. I also make my own animated elevators (as ETLAnimatedLift similar to AnimatedLift Prod.).
  • I play Poptropica to film the Poptropica elevators in some islands.

Rules in Elevatorpedia and Strikes

Updated: June 18, 2013

  • Strike 1st = Warning
  • Strike 2nd = Second/Strict Warning
  • Strike 3rd = Blocked (by specified period)
  • Strike 4th = Blocked again (2 months)
  • Final Strike = Banned, out of Elevatorpedia (forever)

NOTE (VERY IMPORTANT): Do not copy Elevatorpedia rules without permission by admin. If you do this, then you're blocked with no excuse!

More basic wiki rules and important wiki rules: Click here now

Sometimes, I might say bad words and vandlism to some my blog posts.

NS Media Forum

  • I go to NS Media Forum
  • Sometimes, I may read the topic and the skyscrapersim topic in NS Media Forum.
  • Posting threads in NS Media Forum.

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My Signature

ETL Logo-- [ElevatorToughLion][Message to ETL]

My Favorite Quotes

thiz iz "urukhamiania lift" in uruchamiania mall, blad city

— Sega Man

English: This is POLISH elevator in POLISH mall, blad city

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