thyssenkrupp Evolution is a machine room less elevator product line of thyssenkrupp, manufactured in Europe, United States, and China. Besides the standard Evolution, there is also the Evolution 1, Evolution 2, Evolution 200 and EVOLUTION BLUE series. In the United States the Evolution 200 is the successor to the Synergy Self-Supported.


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  • 630-3000 kilograms (or 8-40 persons) capacities
  • 1/1.6/1.75/2/2.5 meters per second speeds
  • Serves up to about 70 floors
  • Travel height up to 80 meters
  • Single or double entrances
  • Door types (either thyssenkrupp's own door components, Meiller Group or Wittur Group door components)
    • Center opening (2 panels)
    • Two speed telescoping (2 panels)
    • Two speed telescoping center opening (4 panels)
  • STEP Basic, Classic, Solid and MT 42 & Series 44 fixtures. Other fixtures such as Dewhurst options provided.

Specs (Evolution 200)

  • 2100-5000 pounds capacities
  • 200/350/500/600 feet per second speeds
  • Serves up to 35 floors
  • Travel height up to 350 feet
  • Single or double entrances
  • Door types
    • Single-Speed Center opening (2 panels)
    • Single-Speed Side opening (1 panel)
    • 2-Speed Side opening (2 panels)
  • Signa4/Traditional/Vandal Resistant fixtures.

Notable installations

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