The thyssenkrupp endura MRL is thyssenkrupp's machine room less hydraulic elevator, under the branch of their endura standard hydraulic elevator. It was made as a competitor to the Otis HydroFit. It uses enviromax, a high-performance, vegetable-based, biodegradable and nearly petroleum-free hydraulic fluid.

ThyssenKrupp makes the endura MRL Twinpost Above-Ground 1-stage, endura MRL Twinpost Above-Ground 2-stage, and endura MRL Twinpost Above-Ground 3-stage. The endura MRL was introduced in late January-February 3, 2014.


thyssenkrupp endura MRL is a machine room less, holeless hydraulic elevator. Unlike Otis's HydroFit, the pump unit is installed entirely in the shaft's pit and is directly connected to the jack. When elevator is in repair, and engineer needs to access the pump unit, the elevator cabin must be send to higher floor to make safe access to pump unit. This makes repairs much harder and less safe than in HydroFit. Also, a ventilation space for pump unit is too small, especially when the cabin is on the lowest floor, causing the high fire risk when elevator is in busy operation.

The endura MRL can be told apart from other thyssenkrupp hydraulic elevators by looking at the 2nd landing. If there are cabinets on the side of the door jamb, it is an endura MRL. The model of an endura MRL is endura MRL Twinpost Above-Ground #-stage capacity number. Example: "endura MRL Twinpost Above-Ground 2-stage 3000". There is also the 5000H, which has some different measurements.


  • Holeless hydraulic.
  • Machine room less.
  • Signa4/Traditional/Vandal resistant fixtures.
  • Serves up to 6 floors.
  • Travel distances:
    • 12'-8" for endura MRL Twinpost Above-Ground 1-stage jack type.
    • 23'-2 1/2" for endura MRL Twinpost Above-Ground 2-stage jack type.
    • 33'-6 1/2" for endura MRL Twinpost Above-Ground 3-stage jack type.
  • Speeds:
    • 80/110/150 fpm for endura MRL Twinpost Above-Ground 1/2 stage
    • 80/100/125/150 fpm for endura MRL Twinpost Above-Ground 3 stage.
  • Capacities:
    • 2100-4000 lbs for passenger elevators.
    • 4500-5000 lbs for service elevators.
  • Single side or center opening doors (Door operator provided by Wittur Group).
  • Can have rear opening.
  • Can be a single elevator, or a bank of up to 4 elevators.


Endura MRL - A New Elevator for Low-Rise Buildings from ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas

Endura MRL - A New Elevator for Low-Rise Buildings from ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas

ThyssenKrupp video about Endura MRL elevator

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