The thyssenkrupp endura is thyssenkrupp's hydraulic elevator. It is a successor of the previous ThyssenKrupp Oildraulic elevator which had been produced since 1937 (Rotary-era). It uses either CITGO NZ biodegradable hydraulic fluid, or enviromax, a high-performance vegetable-based hydraulic fluid. thyssenkrupp makes the Twinpost Above-Ground 1-stage, Twinpost Above-Ground 2-stage, Twinpost Above-Ground 3-stage, and endura Below-Ground. The endura was introduced in October 2012.


The thyssenkrupp endura is a hydraulic elevator. The endura can be hard to tell apart from previous Oildraulic models. There are 2 ways you can try to figure it out.

  1. It has to have the "grocery store beep" floor passing chime.
  2. If it was installed in October 2012, it may or may not be an endura. If it was installed in November 2012 or later, it is an endura. The model of an endura is endura Twinpost Above-Ground #-stage/Below-Ground capacity number.

Example: "endura Twinpost Above-Ground 2-stage 3000". There is also the 5000H, which has some different measurements.


  • Holeless hydraulic for endura Above-Ground, Inground hydraulic for endura Below-Ground.
  • The motor can be submersible or dry powered
  • Signa4/Traditional/Vandal resistant fixtures.
  • TAC series controller
  • Submersible power unit.
  • Serves up to 8 floors.
  • Travel distances:
    • 12'-8" for endura Twinpost Above-Ground 1-stage jack type.
    • 23'-2 1/2" endura Twinpost Above-Ground for 2-stage jack type.
    • 33'-6 1/2" endura Twinpost Above-Ground for 3-stage jack type.
    • 60'-0" for endura Below-Ground (conventional jack type)
  • Can have a rear door.
  • Speeds:
    • 80/100/150 FPM fpm endura Twinpost Above-Ground 1/2 stage.
    • 80/100/125/150 fpm for endura Twinpost Above-Ground 3 stage.
    • 80/100/125/150/175/200 fpm for endura Below-Ground.
  • Capacities:
    • 2100-4000 lbs for passenger elevators.
    • 4500-5000 lbs for service elevators.
  • Door configurations (Door operator provided by Wittur Group):
    • Side/center opening door for capacities up to 4000 lbs.
    • 2 speed side/center opening door for 4500/5000 lbs. capacities.
  • Can be a single elevator, or a bank of up to 4 elevators.

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