thyssenkrupp EVOLUTION BLUE is thyssenkrupp's current machine room less elevator model for European countries, which is a successor of the regular Synergy model. It was introduced in 2012. thyssenkrupp marketed this model as NEXT LEVEL ELEVATOR.


The thyssenkrupp EVOLUTION BLUE is a standardized and modular design elevator that was developed as a revision of the existing product to offer more attractive products in the market. EVOLUTION BLUE is a machine room less elevator with high-efficiency drive motor, RISC processor core, energy regenerative drive (CPI50R or RPI inverter) and E.COR BLUE control system. This elevator system complies with either EN81-1+A3 or EN81-20/50 (starting on October 2016) and it is TÜV Süd tested. It also has increased car area and running with minimal noise. The cab design consists of four series; STYLE, CHIC, ELEGANT, and VERTICAL.


  • 320-4000 kilograms (or 4-53 persons) capacities
  • 1/1.6/2/2.5/3 meters per second speeds
  • Serves up to 40 floors
  • Travel height up to 100 meters
  • Single or double entrances
  • Door types (either thyssenkrupp's own door components or Meiller Group door components)
    • Center opening (2 panels)
    • Two speed telescoping (2 panels)
    • Two speed telescoping center opening (4 panels)
  • BLUETON, STEP Classic or Schaefer (MT42, RT42wg or VB42) push buttons
  • Regenerative inverter (CPI50R or RPI)
  • Destination Selection Control supported as an optional feature

Notable installations

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ThyssenKrupp Elevator - EVOLUTION BLUE 2012

ThyssenKrupp Elevator - EVOLUTION BLUE 2012

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