Thyssen Aufzüge GmbH was the vertical transportation division of German steel manufacturer Thyssen AG which made elevators and escalators. The company merged with Krupp in 1999 and became ThyssenKrupp.


Thyssen was founded on September 29, 1891 by August Thyssen and his brother Joseph in Duisburg, Germany.

The company's role in the elevator industry began in 1973 when it acquired Rheinstahl AG[1][2][3], a Hamburg based manufacturing company who also made elevators and escalators. Manufacturing of elevators started in 1976 when Rheinstahl changed name to Thyssen Industrie AG and spits its elevator manufacturing business into Thyssen Aufzüge GmbH.

In the 1980s, Thyssen took over MAN's elevator division and later became Thyssen-MAN in 1984. At the same year they began entering the Spanish markets by acquiring Boettischer Elevadores, which became Thyssen Boettischer in 1985. Thyssen joined with several elevator companies such as Otis, Schindler, Kone, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Johns & Waygood (later Johns Perry Lifts and then Boral Elevators) and Toshiba.

In 1995, Thyssen announced that it would merge with Krupp, and both companies eventually merged in 1999. The merger was completed in 2001, become ThyssenKrupp. At the same year, Thyssen renamed their U.S. elevator and escalator division Dover Elevators from Thyssen Dover to the new ThyssenKrupp name.

Notable acquisitions

Year Company Country(s) Notes
1973 Rheinstahl AG West Germany
1974 Soretex France
1984 MAN Aufzugbau West Germany Became Thyssen-MAN for a while.
1984 Boetticher Elevadores con Ascensores S.A.[4] Spain Became Thyssen Boetticher[5]
1986 Northern Elevator Holdings Ltd. Canada
1987 De Reus Netherlands Became Thyssen De Reus until 2003.
1991 Gimsom & Co. Leichester Ltd. United Kingdom
1993 U.S. Elevator Corp. United States
1998 Tri-County Elevator Co. United States
1999 Dover Elevators United States Became Thyssen Dover until 2001.
1999 Hammond & Champness Dover (H+C Dover) United Kingdom
1999 Elevadores Sûr Brazil Became Thyssen Sûr until 2002.
Unknown Furse Lifts Ltd. United Kingdom [6]
Unknown Svenska Hiss AB Sweden Some elevators were branded as "Thyssen Svenska Hiss AB" for a while.
Unknown Macosa Elevaćion S.A. Spain

Elevator fixtures

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Notable installations

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Notable overseas distributors

Company Country(s) Notes
Bongear Engineering Hong Kong, China 1980s-2004
Bongear Engineering was acquired by ThyssenKrupp in 2004.
Boral Elevators Australia 1980s?-1990s
Escalators and moving walks branded as Thyssen Boral
General Electric Company (GEC)
Hong Kong
British Hong Kong 1980s?-1990s
Few escalators
Hanyang South Korea 1990s
Elevators branded as Hanyang-Thyssen[7]
Isralift Industries Ltd. Israel 1990s
Marryat & Scott Ltd. United Kingdom
British Hong Kong
Escalators and moving walks
PT. Thysindo Griatama
Indonesia 1984-late 1990s
Now PT Marico Gria.[8]


  • The Thyssen logo actually originated from Rheinstahl AG. When Rheinstahl was sold to Thyssen in 1973, Thyssen decided to reintroduce Rheinstahl trademark by reusing the blue "arc". The yellow "RHEINSTAHL" name was replaced with a blue "THYSSEN" name[9].
  • When Thyssen acquires Dover in 1999, it was known as Thyssen Dover in the United States, but their products were branded as Dover until 2001, when it was simply known as ThyssenKrupp.
  • Even after the merger, the Thyssen name was still used in elevators installed in some countries in the early 2000s, and some of them would often carries the ThyssenKrupp logo. In Hong Kong, the name was used until around 2004[10], while in United Kingdom, the name ended in 2003 when it changed name into ThyssenKrupp Elevators (UK) Ltd.
  • Elevators modernized by Thyssen can be found in the United States, though they are very rare to find. It is unconfirmed if elevators installed by Thyssen can be found in the United States. However, Thyssen escalators can be found in the United States, though they are very rare to find.
  • When Thyssen absorbed Spanish elevator company Boetticher Elevadores con Ascensores S.A. in 1984, it became Thyssen Boetticher. This was probably Thyssen's first attempt of entering the Spanish elevator markets.





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