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Third-party elevator (lift) maintenance companies or generic elevator (lift) companies are some elevator companies operated locally. They maybe a subsidiary of some major elevator companies (like Otis and Kone), agent of some smaller elevator brands (like Diebold Aufzüge), just buy some parts from them (just like some companies even buy some equipment made from Shanghai Mitsubishi) or just provide some elevator repair or maintenance services. They usually don't make their own equipment. Almost of their equipment are provided by non-proprietary elevator component companies, they manufactures elevator fixtures, pushbuttons, elevator spare parts, accessories, etc. (sometimes may not applied for the subsidiary of the major elevator companies and agent of some minor elevator brands).[1]

List of generic elevator companies

These elevators seems quite busy.
"These elevators seems quite busy."
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Company Notes
Advanced Lift Services
All Type Lift Services Ltd.
Axis Lifts Not to be confused with British company Axis Elevators Ltd.
C E Lifts Pty. Ltd.
Central Lift Services Pty. Ltd.
Eastern Elevators Pty. Ltd. [2]
Ecolift Company
Electra Lift Company Not to be confused with Israeli company Electra.
Eletech Pty. Ltd.
Elevator Services Group
Forte Lift Services
Grant Elevator
Jalcor Elevator Was a distributor of Shenyang Brilliant (BLT) elevators at one time.
Liftronic Pty. Ltd. [3]
Also a distributor of SJEC and Daldoss products. Formerly a distributor of Shanghai Mitsubishi products.
Lift Shop Pty. Ltd.
MultiLift Commercial Pty. Ltd.
Newlite Elevators Pty. Ltd.
Queensland Elevators Pty. Ltd.
Sanscord Elevators
Scope Elevators
Superior Elevators Pty. Ltd.
United Lifts Services


Company Notes
Elements Elevators Inc.
Richmond Elevator Co.
Valley Elevator
Venture Elevator Inc.


Company Notes
Dizala Rutić
Kabal-Commerce Dizala
Rade Končar / Končar They started using generic parts around 2001. Acquired by thyssenkrupp in 2013.


Company Notes
Chongqing Eastern Elevators Co. Ltd.
Fuji Sino
Fuji Yida
Guangdong Fuben Elevator Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou YongRi Elevator Co., Ltd.
Hosting Part of Ningbo Xinda Group.
Koyo Elevator Co. Ltd.
Shenyang Brilliant
(Brilliant / BLT)

Hong Kong

For full list of registered lift and escalator contractors, please refer to Electrical and Mechanical Services Department website (According <Lifts and Escalators Ordinance (Chapter 618)> registered).
Company Notes
Antonfield Engineering Co. Ltd.
Associated Engineers Limited Also a distributor of Guangdung Fuben Elevator (Fe-lift).
Ben Fung Machineries & Engineering Ltd. Acquired by Kone in 1980.[4] De-registered in 2019 after Kone Elevator (HK) Ltd. took over Shan On Engineering in 2017.
Cheerwell Engineering Limited Division of Chevalier (HK) Ltd.
Chun Ming Elevator Co. Ltd. Also a distributor of Daldoss elevators (for hydraulic and machine room less), Savaria Concord platform lifts, Stannah stairlifts and Shanghai STEP standard traction elevators.
Chun Ming Engineering Co. Ltd. Subsidiary of Chun Ming Elevator Co. Ltd.
CKP Building Service Systems Ltd.
Elevator Parts Engineering Co. Ltd. Division of Chevalier (HK) Ltd.
Eugene Engineering Co. Ltd. Subsidiary of Hitachi Elevator Engineering Co. (Hong Kong) Ltd.
German Edunburgh Elevator & Escalator (HK) Ltd.
Hang Fung Lift Limited Was an agent for Diebold Aufzüge elevators. Acquired by Otis and now operated by their division "The Express Lift Company Ltd."
Holake (HK) Limited Was an independent company but got acquired by Schindler Lifts (Hong Kong) Ltd..
Holake Hong Kong Lifts Limited Subsidiary of Schindler Lifts (Hong Kong) Ltd. They also provides Schindler products as well as modernization under the Schindler brand.
Hoi Fai Lifts Engineering & Services Limited One of the company using Mico Control controllers.[5]
Jecko Elevators Limited
Lighthouse Elevator Engineering Limited[3] Also a distributor of Shanghai Mitsubishi elevators, mostly for replacement of old elevators.
Nikkin Lift & Escalator Services Limited Also a distributor of Shenyang Brilliant (BLT) elevators and escalators.
Rich Mark Engineering Limited Subsidiary of Fujitec (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd.
Ringhing Engineering Lift Department Former distributor of Guangzhou YongRi elevators[6] and Guangdung Fuben Elevator (Fe-lift)[7]
Acquired by Otis Hong Kong on January 17, 2017.[8]
Shan On Engineering Co. Ltd.[9] Was a distributor of Sabiem and Electra Vitoria elevators. Acquired by Kone Elevator (HK) Ltd. on December 5, 2017.[10]
Shineford Engineering Limited No longer exist due to an incident in North Point. EMSD cancels registration of Shineford Engineering Limited as lift and escalator contractor.
Southa Technical Limited No longer exist.
Sun Fai Engineering & Equipment Co. Ltd. [3]
Tak Lee Elevator Engineering Co. Ltd.
Taizoom Elevator Company (HK) Limited
Techfaith Engineering Limited One of the company using Monarch Control controllers and Kinetek De Sheng gearless traction machine.[11]
The Express Lift Company Limited [2][12][13]
Toki Elevator Engineering Limited This company produces their own elevator controllers.
Vertex Engineering Limited


Company Notes
Chi Tai Elevator Engineering Co. Ltd.
Companhia de Elevadores Ng Chao Limitada
Companhia Engenharia Elevador Daia
Daia Histar Elevator Engineering Co. Ltd.
Goldstar Chung Tien Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd.
Hang Fung Lift (Macau) Ltd.
Hap Hing Fat Engenharia Mecanica Limitada
Hip Lei Elevator Engineering Co. Ltd.
Macau Express Elevators Co. Ltd.
Macau Hualong Fabrica de Elevadores Limitada
San Sam Wo Elevator Engineering Co. Ltd.
San Wa Fung Engineering Co. Ltd.
Simac Elevadores e Escadas Rolantes Limitada
Sociedade de Engenharia de Elevadores Kai Fu Limitada
Son Heng Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (Elevator) Co, Ltd. This company is also a distributor of Guangdong Xunda Elevators in Macau.
Son Vo Elevator Engineering Co. Ltd. This company is a distributor of Speedy Elevator and Micolift-branded elevators from Mico Control in Macau.
Start Lift Ltd.
Sun Chong Fat Elevador Engenharia Limitada


Company Notes
Espoon Hissi
Pääkaupunkiseudun Hissikeskus
Suomen Hissiurakointi
Suur-Helsingin Hissihuolto Acquired by Kone in 2014.
Tapion Hissi


Company Notes
ABH Ascenseurs et Porte
AML Ascenseurs
ARA Ascenseurs
ARVOR Merged with MP in 2016 and became MP Arvor.
Ascenseurs Ascel
Ascenseur Service
ASJ Ascenseurs
ATF Ascenseurs
Compagnie Française d'Ascenseurs (CFA) Owned by Otis since 2006.
Cie Generale D Applications Ascenseurs (CG2A) Acquired by ThyssenKrupp in 2003.
Copas Ascenseurs
Dunet Ascenseurs
Elitec Ascenseurs
ERA Ascenseurs
ETNA France
Euro Ascenseurs
Hermes Ascenseurs
Loire Ascenseurs
SACAMAS Ascenseurs
Soretex Acquired by Thyssen in 1974.
W. Sangalli


  • A-S-G Fulda Aufzugbau und Service GmbH
  • A.S. Aufzug + Service Dienstleistungs GmbH
  • ABS Aufzugsservice OHG
  • afs-Nachlinger GmbH Aufzug-Fahrtreppen-Service
  • ASCO Aufzüge
  • ATB Aufzugtechnik Berlin GmbH
  • ATD Aufzüge Dasberg GmbH
  • ATS Aufzugtechnik Seiffert GmbH
  • Aufzug- & Elektro-Service K.-Heinz Freund & Söhne
  • Aufzug- und Fördertechnik Niggemeier & Leurs GmbH
  • Aufzug-Service GmbH
  • Aufzug-Service Overlach e.K. Inh. Bernd Perlick
  • Aufzugbau Dresden GmbH Gewerbegebiet Coschütz/Gittersee
  • Aufzugs- u. Fördertechnik GmbH Moormann & Mühlbauer
  • Aufzugsbau Harry Hess Inh. Michael Hess
  • Aufzugsdienst Leis GmbH
  • Aufzugsdienst München GmbH
  • Aufzugsservice Mutter & Wolf GmbH
  • Aufzugsteam Hildebrandt & Geis GmbH & Co. KG
  • Aufzugtechnik Georg Schott
  • Aufzugtechnik Weber GmbH
  • BKG Bunse-Aufzüge GmbH
  • Braun Aufzüge GmbH & Co. KG
  • Brobeil Aufzüge GmbH & Co. KG
  • Carl Degenhardt GmbH Maschinenfabrik
  • DANY Aufzüge GmbH
  • Dresdner Aufzugsdienst GmbH
  • Eduard Claessen Aufzugtechnik
  • EGGERT Aufzüge GmbH
  • Elevator-Technic Schulz
  • FAB Förder- und Aufzugstechnik GmbH
  • Fahrner Aufzugbau GmbH
  • FB-Aufzüge GmbH & Co KG-Dresden
  • Fördertechnik HÖNES GmbH Aufzüge + Krane
  • GAT Gemeinschaft Aufzugs-Technik eG
  • Gläser Aufzug & Elektrotechnik GmbH
  • Grädler Fördertechnik GmbH
  • H & K Aufzüge GmbH
  • Hallasch, Siegfried Liftservice
  • Haske, Jörg Technischer-Aufzugs-Dienst
  • Hengefeld, M. Aufzug-& Fördertechnik GmbH
  • Holter Aufzüge
  • J. Weiser Innovative Liftsysteme
  • Kanzler Aufzüge GmbH
  • Laufer-Aufzüge GmbH Bamberg-Nürnberg
  • Lechner Aufzüge GmbH
  • Lessau & Ludwig GmbH
  • Liftmechatronik Janssen & Becker GmbH
  • MA-CO Aufzugservice GmbH
  • Manzke, Uli Aufzugsdienst
  • MAT Aufzugstechnik GmbH
  • Meier & Soyka GmbH Aufzugstechnik
  • Metallschneider GmbH Kleingüteraufzüge
  • ML Lift-Systeme GmbH
  • MS Aufzugbau und -service GmbH
  • Nagorski Aufzugstechnik
  • Niesler Aufzugtechnik GbR
  • Nunn-Aufzüge GmbH & Co. KG
  • ORBA-Lift Aufzugsdienst GmbH
  • Peter Rathmann Elektrotechnik GmbH
  • Pospiech Aufzüge
  • Rüger Aufzugbau
  • Schmersal Aufzugservice GmbH & Co. KG
  • SOBBE GmbH Aufzüge
  • tASk Aufzugsdienst GmbH
  • Tominski, Martin Aufzugservice
  • VTS-Aufzug und Fördertechnik Vertriebs GmbH
  • Weiß Aufzüge GmbH
  • Weymann Aufzüge GmbH & Co. KG


Company Notes
PT. Abdi Teknik Elevator
(Abtech Lift)
Established in 1999.
Alizo Elevator
PT. Adhirajasa Sarana Utama
(Adhira Elevator)
PT. Ahad Makmur Sentosa
PT. Aina Bendito Dios Also a distributor of Hermes AG (China), Kleemann and Daldoss elevators.
Alfa Elevator
CV. Alifindo Jaya
(Alifindo Lift)
Amanda Elevator
PT. Amka Apion Jaya
PT. Amka Tunas Mandiri Engineering
PT. Anugerah Makmur Andalan
APG Elevator Based in Solo, Central Java.
PT. Arasindo Inti Global
CV. Azzam Jaya Teknik
PT. Barindo Mitra Perkasa
PT. Bintang Nusantara Jaya
(Stars Elevator)
CV. Buana Aneka Teknik
Bukaro Elevator
CV. Cahaya Lapeo
PT. Cenindo Perkasa This company is also a distributor of GENG-YIG elevators from Taiwan and Wittur components.
PT. Centro Adhikarsa Utama
PT. Chitek Indolift Utama
(Chitek Elevator)
Not to be confused with defunct company Indolift.
PT. Cipta Kreativindo
PT. Decomet Teknopro
PT. Dovin Pratama
PT. Dwi Tunggal Perkasa
PT. Elevindo Anugrah Teknis
PT. Elga Putra Andalan
PT. Elindo Nusa Cipta Utama
PT. Eravator Jaya Buana
PT. Eskalindo Pratama
CV. Etika Sejahtera
(Delta Lift)
PT. Fuji Ta Nayottama
One of the two companies (other than Sei Liput Perdana) associated with Tamiang Multi Trada.
PT. Hari Bartera Utama
(Harbu Elevator)
PT. Hasa Dinamik Mandiri
PT. Hoseng Internas
PT. Indoraya Nusantara Djaya
PT. Jasa Engineering Terpadu
(JET Elevator)
CV Kng Tech
(Strotav Elevator)
PT. Koppelindo Elevators Also a distributor of Koppel A.W. elevators (since 1999) and Shenyang Brilliant (BLT) elevators and escalators since 2002. They also installs their own elevators under their brand name "CREMONA" (since 2012).
PT. Kori Elesca Utama
PT. Lawuindo Jaya
PT. Lia Jaya
(Alia Elevator)
CV. Liveindo Arya Utama
PT. Louserindo Megah Permai
(Louser Lift)
One of the major local generic companies in Indonesia. Established in 1987 by four former Otis technicians.
PT. Marico Gria
(Marico Gria / MG)
This company is also a distributor of China-made Sepac elevators, as well as providing new elevator installations and modernization with either LiSA (Germany) or Shanghai STEP (China) controls (depending on client's choice).
PT. Megah Daspa Sentosa
PT. Meltros Cakra Wisesa
PT. Menara Buana Abadi
PT. Mitra Lift Indo Pratama
(Borneo Elevator)
PT. Pillar Utama Contrindo
One of the major local generic companies in Indonesia. This company is well known for using elevator fixtures and controllers from Shanghai STEP, as well as components from Ningbo Shenlong.
PT. Sei Liput Perdana One of the two companies (other than Fuji Ta Nayottama) associated with Tamiang Multi Trada.
PT. Sinar Inti Elektrindo Raya
PT. Smartindo Jaya Perkasa
(Smart Lift)
Star Elevator
Star Lift
PT. Tamiang Multi Trada
PT. Tetes Rimbun Eka Naufal
PT. Traksindo Mitra Nusantara
PT. Ungaran Perkasa Tehnik Formed in 1999 by former Otis technicians. Was a distributor of China made Giant Elevator at one time.


  • Adoram
  • Aharon Fridman
  • Alpha
  • Al Red
  • Amicop (bankrupt in 2008)
  • Aminot
  • Amir
  • Avraham Tal
  • Berliner
  • Call Lift
  • Cohen
  • Consys
  • Echout
  • Eliran
  • Express (not to be confused with Express Lift)
  • Fridman
  • GloPe'er
  • HaTichon
  • Head
  • Israel2000
  • Kidmat2000
  • Makai Lift
  • Mashik
  • Meteg
  • Nachshol
  • New Starlift
  • Omer
  • Ram
  • Rolls
  • Shachak
  • Shag
  • Shefer
  • Stav
  • Teev
  • Tel-Al
  • Yeartal


  • AMCA
  • Airelift
  • Albatros
  • Baglini
  • Bassetti
  • BBM
  • Biem
  • BMB
  • Bonavolontà
  • Bonfedi
  • Bosisio
  • Bremi
  • C.I.A
  • C.I.E
  • C.m.a
  • C.M.E.
  • CAMsa
  • Campania
  • Cavallari
  • Ceam
  • CGE
  • CGM
  • De-Li-Vi
  • De Lauzieres
  • Del Bo
  • Del Vecchio
  • Dgm
  • Di Lizio
  • Di Madero
  • Di Mauro
  • DM
  • Elma
  • Eurolift Italia
  • Famas
  • Farma
  • Ferrara
  • Foman
  • Fornasari
  • Glanzer
  • Gruppo Millepiani
  • i.n.e
  • IGV
  • Ilma
  • Imam
  • Iman
  • Imbimbo
  • Insubria-Atlas
  • Iram
  • Irmac
  • Irme
  • Kome Ascensori
  • La Prima
  • Lancini
  • Lift-Mata
  • LP
  • M2 Ascensori
  • MAM A.T
  • Marano
  • Marrocco
  • Maspero Elevatori
  • Micra
  • Minilift
  • Monaco
  • Mosanghini
  • Officine Berselli Crespellano
  • Omid
  • Orman
  • Orme
  • P.Stam
  • Paravia
  • Partenopea
  • Papini
  • Ram Pastore
  • Realift
  • Rerman
  • Rima
  • Rossi Ascensori
  • Safov
  • Saima
  • Salivetto
  • Scognamiglio
  • Seam
  • Secam
  • Sele
  • Sema
  • Simea
  • Sirme
  • Sirmen
  • Sneam
  • Sosma
  • Steggi
  • Tecnolift
  • Timan
  • Timas
  • Tufo
  • Uma
  • Vaimar
  • Vallefuoco
  • Vimec


Company Notes
Chuo Elevator
Cosmo Elevator
Japan Elevator Service (JES)
Kaneko Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (KM)
Moriya Elevator Supplier of marine elevators for ships in Japan.
Oomoriyusouki Lift
Sanyo Yusoki Kogyo Co., Ltd.
SEC Elevator Co. Ltd. Not to be confused with SEC Elevators (a Slovenian lift company)
Toyo Hydro Elevator Co., Ltd.


For a complete list of companies, refer to the official website of Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) - Lift Installer, Maintenance and Inspection Company.

Company Notes
AM-Advance Elevator (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Bakat Gemilang Sdn. Bhd. Also a distributor of Hosting elevators.
Dong Yang Elevator Sdn. Bhd. Should not be confused with the defunct Korean company Dong Yang Elevator Co. Ltd..
Also a distributor of Shenyang Brilliant (BLT) elevators in Malaysia.
Dover Elevator Sdn. Bhd. Formerly Intermet Engineering Sdn. Bhd. between 1994 and 1996, which was a distributor of Dover elevators in Malaysia. Now they installs elevators under the name Dover. They are also a distributor of MP elevators.
EITA Elevator (M) Sdn. Bhd.
HPL Elevator (M) Sdn. Bhd. Also a distributor of Yungtay elevators.
LNE Elevator Sdn. Bhd. Formerly known as LOGIC BAS.
Potensi Terus Industries Sdn. Bhd.
RK Elevator Sdn. Bhd.
SML Engineering Sdn. Bhd. Also a distributor of Kleemann and Guangri elevators.

New Zealand

Operational companies

Company Notes
Access Automation
(N.F.P Access Systems)
Manufacturer of inclined elevators. Formerly known as LiftWorld Ltd.
Addit Lift Services Ltd.
Ampco Lift & Electrical Services Ltd. Only provides elevator maintenance services, repairs and modernization. They never install elevators.
Associated Lifts Ltd. Owned by Simplex Lifts. New Zealand distributor of Orona elevators.
Auckland Lifts
Axis Elevators Ltd. UK based. Not to be confused with Axis Lifts in Australia.
Cremer Lifts Distributor of Kleemann elevators.
D & M Solutions
Logan Elevators
Phoenix Elevators Ltd.
The Lift Company

Defunct companies

Company Notes
LiftWorld Ltd. Taken over by Access Automation.
Paxton Lifts Dissolved in 2015.
P&G Lifts Auckland Taken over by Cremer Lifts.
Rose Elevators Still in business but no longer making elevators.

Unknown or presumably defunct companies

Company Notes
Lift 2000 No current record of existence.
McGrath Engineering Co. Ltd. Formerly known as V&M McGrath. No current record of existence.
The Central Lift Co. No current record of existence.
Wolfe Elevators Business address last updated in 2013. No website available, presumably defunct.


  • Rem-lift
  • Pil-lift
  • Winda Warszawa
  • Pilawa
  • Eltrans
  • Winda Piotr
  • Lewar
  • Tedax
  • Elmechdźwig
  • MP-Lift
  • Mark-dźwig
  • Lift-service
  • GMV
  • Vento
  • Micro-Lift
  • Dźwigi i anteny
  • Lift Katowice
  • Kon-Rem
  • Krotosz Lift Company (KLC)
  • Dźwigpol
  • Lift
  • Windpol
  • Autivox
  • P.P i M.U.D
  • LiftProjekt
  • FUD
  • Elwind
  • Exwind
  • Liftpoldźwig
  • Techlift
  • ZEMM
  • Lifttechnik
  • Rem-dźwig
  • Krak-dźwig
  • Novex
  • Kieldźwig
  • Lechcant
  • Max-tel
  • Colorex
  • Dolpol-dźwig
  • Spel-Rem
  • Lift system
  • Winda-Serwis
  • Windex
  • PW Viva
  • Elevator Service
  • Licht-dźwig
  • Elektrodźwig
  • Prolift
  • Igel projekt

Republic of China (Taiwan)

Russia (and CIS countries)

  • Atlant
  • Euroliftmash
  • KMZ
  • SjLZ
  • Liftmash
  • LLZ
  • Mogilevliftmash (Belarusian company)
  • Moslift
  • SitiLift
  • SLS
  • SLZ
  • SpbLZ
  • Stal'noy Kanat


For a complete list of companies, refer to the official website of Building & Construction Authority (BCA) (Lift & Escalator Installation).

Company Notes
2002 Elevator
4U Elevator Pte. Ltd.
9G Elevator Pte. Ltd. Mainly provides elevator maintenance services and modernization.
Alfa Tech Vestasia Pte. Ltd.
Alniff Industries Pte. Ltd.
Al-Sus Industries Pte. Ltd.
Aron Lifts International Pte. Ltd.
autoPark Engineering & Trading Pte. Ltd.
Averest Elevator (S) Pte. Ltd.
BNF Engineering (S) Pte. Ltd. Mainly installs residential elevators for HDB public housing blocks (See also: Elevators of Housing and Development Board, Singapore).
CA M&E Engineering Pte. Ltd.
CT Elevator Pte. Ltd.
East Elevators Pte. Ltd. Installs and modernizes elevators under their trademark name "Duford".
Was a distributor of Dover, Shanghai SELEVA, Westinghouse and Hyundai elevators in Singapore.
Ee-Tech Elevator Pte. Ltd.
Eletec Elevators Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Excelift Pte. Ltd. [3]
FB Industries Pte. Ltd.
First Step Elevator Pte. Ltd.
Gylet Elevator Pte. Ltd. Established in 1991.
KH Lift & Elevator Pte. Ltd.
Ken-Jo Industries Pte. Ltd.
LiftCare Pte. Ltd. Usually provides maintenance services on Hitachi elevators.
Lift Hub Engineering Pte. Ltd.
Lift-Mech Engineering Pte. Ltd.
Singapore Lift Company Pte. Ltd.
SS Elevators Pte. Ltd.
VM Elevator Pte. Ltd.

South Korea

Company Notes
Fuji Korea Elevator Co. Ltd.
GYG Elevator
Han Dok Elevator Co. Ltd.
Hanyang Defunct. Was a distributor of Thyssen elevators (branded as Hanyang Thyssen) in South Korea before making their own elevators.
Kumho Elevator Mainly installs inclined elevators.
Samjung Elevator Co. (GST)
SangA Elevator Defunct
Shen Han Elevator (S.H.E.)
Shinwoo Elevator
Soolim Elevator Acquired by Kone in 2004-2005. Was also a distributor of Haushahn elevators in South Korea.
Young Jin Elevator Co. Ltd.


  • Åkes Hisservice (Stockholm, Was bought by OTIS)
  • ALT (Started by former DEVE Employees in 1995)
  • Aritco
  • BPA > Bravida
  • Bauer (Parent company in germany was bought by KONE, and this one was simply transfereed over)
  • CALU (Östergötlans Län, Bought by OTIS)
  • C-E Söderlund Hiss AB (Stockholm)
  • Cibes Group
    • Cibes Hiss
    • Kalea
      • Länets (Distributor, Västernorrlands Län)
    • NTD
  • ElMek > Hissen AB (Stockholm)
  • Element Hiss AB (Orona distributor)
  • Elektra Motor (Stockholm, Became daugher company for OTIS for a while. (Not to be confused with Israeli company Electra))
  • Göteborgshissar (Gothenburg, Was bought by Otis)
  • Hissbolaget
  • Unilift (Stockholm, Bught by KONE)
  • Ekmans Hiss AB (Stockholm, Bought by KONE)
  • Hissjouren Ekmans (Stockholm, Merged by KONE and shut down in 1/4 2011)
  • Trygga Hiss AB (Stockholm, Started by above company's former employees)
  • Hisskontakt
  • Hissrenovering AB (Was bought by KONE)
  • IGV
  • JP Sandströms Hisskonsult AB (Stockholm)
  • WPM (Stockholm, Bought by Schindler)
  • HF Advice (Started by former WPM staff, went bankrupt in 2011)
  • KM Port & Hiss (Started by former HF Advice staff, Merged with HissPartner in 2017)
  • Hisspartner (Stockholm)
  • Kockums
  • LM Hiss (Södertälje & Botkyrka commune)
  • Magnussons Hiss AB (Stockholm, Bought by OTIS in 2006)
  • ManKan Hiss AB (Stockholm, Started by former Magnussons Hiss AB Employees, MP Distributor)
  • Mattsons Hiss AB (Stockholm, Bought by Schlieren)
  • Malmö El & Hiss - MEHAB (Malmö, Bought by KONE)
  • Midroc Electro (Gäveborgs Län, ALT & SJEC distributor)
  • Motum (Risk-capitalist holding group owning the below companies)
    • Hiss & Mekan (Örebro Län)
    • Hiss-Craft (Started by some former DEVE employees, Stockholm & Northland regions (2 companies with a shared brand name))
    • HissCentralen /Örebro Län)
    • Hissgruppen AB (Örebro Län)
    • I.T.K AB (Stockholm)
    • Nordisk Hiss AB (Mainly in Östergötlands Län & Sörmlands Län)
    • Uppsala Lyftservice (Uppsala Län)
    • Vinga Hiss AB (Gothenburg)
  • Norrlands Hiss & Elteknik - NelAB (Was bought by Otis, Elevators modernized in the northland region were branded as "NELAB/OTIS")
  • Nya Förenade Elektriska AB (Kleinn AG distributor)
  • P&W Hiss & El AB (Södertälje & Botkyrka communes)
  • PG Hiss & Fastighet
  • RC Hissservice (Götreborg, Kleemnann distributor)
  • Roslagens Hiss AB (Norrtälje commune)
  • Sct Hissservice (Dalarna län & Stockholm)
  • Skaraborgs Hissservice AB (Bought by DEVE)
  • SMW Elevator AB (Stockholm)
  • Södertälje Hissservice (Södertälje commune, Bought by KONE)
  • St Eriks Hiss AB (Stockholm, Bought the below companies, wich are daughter companies)
    • PH-Company (Stockholm)
    • Stockholms Hissar AB > Stockholms Hiss-service AB (Stockholm)
    • Storstadens Hiss (Stockholm)
  • Stockholms Hiss & Elteknik AB (Stockholm)
  • Svenska Hiss AB (Stockholm, Bought by Thyssen, Few elevators were branded as "Thyssen Svenska Hiss")
  • Dala Hiss AB > Svenska Technolift AB (Dalarna Län & Gävleborgs Län)
  • Uppsala Hiss AB (Uppsala Län)
  • Värmlands El & Teknik
  • Wasa Hiss
  • Hissvård
  • Wasa Hissvård (Merger of the two above, bought by KONE)


Company Notes
AG Regensdorf
AS Ascensori
Ascensa Lift SA
Ascensori Falconi Not to be confused with the defunct Italian company Falconi SAIR.
Based in the Canton of Ticino and Grisons. Also a distributor of Kone elevators in that canton.
Eleva SA
Fab SA
Gama SA
Lifta SA
Manu SA
Nova SA
Preform SA
Revisa SA
Tewa SA
Ticino SA




Company Notes
Bangkok NEE Co. Ltd.
Boom Elevator
Digital Lift
ECG Elevator
Excellent Lift
Fuji Should not be confused with the Fuji-named elevator companies in China or elsewhere.
Gencom Elevator Co., Ltd.
Howard Lift
L Elevator
Lifttech Elevator Service
Maxtech Elevator & Service Co. Ltd. Also a distributor of XJ Elevator in Thailand.
Oleodyne Elevator
Oran Elevator
Pioneer Lift & Crane Co. Ltd.
SAME Elevator
Sanyu (OMC Sanyu)
TCOM System
Thai Arrow
Thai Ji
TL Engineering
Vertical Traffic
Vosup Lift

United Kingdom

  • 21st Century Lifts (bought by Kone)
  • Abbey Liftcare Ltd.
  • Accord Lift Services Ltd. (now Aurora Lifts Ltd. after being bought by Schindler and merged with Apollo Lifts Ltd.)
  • ACE Lifts Ltd.[15]
  • Acre Lifts (bought by Kone)
  • ADL Lift Services Ltd.
  • Admiral Lifts
  • Advance Lifts
  • Allied Lift Services Division (UK) Ltd.
  • Amalgamated Lifts Ltd. (bought by Fujitec in 2020)[16]
  • Amax Lifts Limited
  • Ambassador Lifts
  • ANSA Elevators Ltd.
  • Apex Lift & Escalator Engineer Ltd.
  • Apollo Lifts Ltd. (now Aurora Lifts Ltd. after being bought by Schindler)
  • AR Lifts Ltd.
  • Area Lifts Limited
  • Arka Lift Services
  • Ascendant Lifts Ltd.
  • Ascent Lift Services Ltd.
  • Aspect Lifts Ltd.
  • Aurora Lifts Ltd. (formerly Accord Lift Services Ltd. after being bought by Schindler and merged with Apollo Lifts Ltd.)
  • Austin Lifts Ltd.
  • Axel-Elex Services Limited
  • Axess2
  • Axis Elevators Ltd. (formerly BlickGlen Lifts Limited)
  • Belvidere Lifts Ltd.
  • BlickGlen Lifts Limited (1979-2001, now Axis Elevators Ltd.)
  • Britannic Lifts (bought by ThyssenKrupp UK)
  • Britton Price Ltd.
  • Budget Lifts Ltd.
  • Bullet Lift Services Ltd.
  • Cable Lifts
  • Calandine Lifts
  • Caledonian Lift Services
  • Caltech Lifts Ltd.
  • Cardiff Lifts
  • Carlton Lifts
  • CBES Lifts
  • CES Lifts
  • Chiltern Lifts Co. Ltd.
  • City Lift Services (North West) Ltd.
  • Classic Lifts Ltd.
  • Clyde Valley Lifts Ltd.
  • Coastal Lifts
  • Comprehensive Elevator Services Ltd.
  • Concept Elevators (UK) Ltd.
  • Consult Lift Services Ltd.
  • Contracts Direct
  • Cotswold Lifts Ltd.
  • Crest Lifts Limited
  • Crown Lifts (bought by Kone)
  • Curti Lifts (UK) Ltd.
  • Custom Lifts
  • D&A Lifts (bought by ThyssenKrupp UK)
  • D&C Lifts & Electrical Services Ltd.
  • DAB Lifts
  • Dainton Lift Services Ltd.
  • Deltron Lifts Ltd.
  • DeSeM Lifts Ltd.
  • Direct Lift Co. (DLC Ltd.)
  • DJ Lifts Services Limited
  • Dolphin Lifts Midlands Ltd.
  • Dorset Lifts Ltd.
  • EA Foulds
  • Earlswood Industrial Services Ltd.
  • East India Lifts
  • Eastern Lift Services Ltd.
  • Easton Elevators
  • Elan Lifts Ltd.
  • Elevation Lifts
  • Elevators Ltd.
  • Elite Elevators[17] (bought by Otis)
  • Emerald Elevators Ltd.
  • ERS (bought by Otis)
  • Essex Lift Services Ltd.
  • European Lifts
  • Exel Elevator Limited
  • Excelsior Lifts Limited (Bought by Oakland)
  • Express Elevators
  • Express Lifts Alliance[2][17] (owned by Otis)
  • Fairfield Lifts
  • Focus Lifts Ltd.
  • Foster & Crossrough
  • Foster+Cross[17] (bought by Otis)
  • General Lift Company Ltd.
  • Global Lift Equipment Ltd.
  • Griffin Elevators Ltd.
  • GSL Artira
  • Guideline Lift Services Ltd.
  • H. Breakell & Co. (Blackburn) Ltd. (Breakell Lifts)
  • Hart Lifts Ltd.
  • Hi-Tec Lifts
  • Hydratec Lift Services Ltd.
  • Hydrax Lifts
  • Hytrac Lifts
  • Hoistway Lift
  • Hoisting Appliance Co.
  • Horizon Lifts Ltd.
  • Ideal Lifts Ltd.
  • I Massalic
  • Independant Lifts
  • International Lift Equipment Ltd.
  • Jacksons Lift Group
  • Knowsley Lift Services Ltd.
  • L&E Lifts
  • Landmark Lifts
  • Langham Lifts Ltd
  • Lift & Engineering Services Ltd.
  • Lift & Escalator Technical Services Ltd.
  • LiftCran Maintenance Limited (no longer trading, company dissolved)
  • Lifts Direct
  • Lift Source (UK) Ltd.
  • Lift Specialists Ltd.
  • Lift Technical Services Ltd.
  • Liftec Lifts Ltc.
  • LiftWise[15]
  • Liftworks Ltd.
  • LTR Lifts
  • Marciac Lifts
  • Meridian Lifts Ltd.
  • Meta Lifts
  • Metro Lifts Ltd.
  • MKM Elevators Ltd.
  • Morris Vermaport Group Ltd. (Morris Veramport Lifts)
  • Motion Elevators Ltd.
  • MovemanSKG[17]
  • Mulhouse Ltd.
  • Murray Lifts Services Ltd.
  • Network Elevators Ltd.
  • NLC Nova Lift Company Ltd.
  • Northern Elevators Ltd.
  • Nova Lifts Ltd.
  • Oakland Excelsior[17] (Subsidiary of Oakland Elevators LTD)
  • Oakland Elevators Limited (bought by Otis)
  • Olympic Lifts Ltd.
  • Omega Lift Services Ltd.
  • Opal Elevators Ltd.
  • P.I.P Lift Service Ltd.
  • P&P Lifts Ltd.
  • P & Dunwoody
  • Paragon Lift Company Limited
  • Park Elevators
  • Patron Lifts Limited
  • PDERS/PDERS Key Lifts/Porn & Dunwoody ERS Lifts[17] (bought by Otis)
  • Pollock Lifts Ltd
  • Precision Lift Services Ltd.
  • Premiere Lifts
  • Qudos Lifts Ltd.
  • R&R Lift Company Ltd.
  • RES Lifts (Ryan Electrical Services & Sons)
  • R J Lift Services Ltd.
  • Rubax Lifts Ltd.
  • Sassi Lift Systems Ltd.
  • Scarborough Lifts (owned by Morris Vermaport Group since 2006).
  • Scotec Lifts Ltd.
  • Sheridan Lifts Ltd.
  • Shorts Industries Ltd.
  • Sky Elevators Ltd.
  • Skyline Elevators Ltd.
  • Southern Counties Lift Services Ltd.
  • Specialist Lift Services Ltd.
  • Summit Elevators Ltd.
  • Swallow Lifts Ltd.
  • Swansea Lift Repair & Service Ltd.
  • Swift Lift Co. (UK) Ltd.
  • Target Lifts Ltd.
  • Temple Lifts Ltd. (bought by Hitachi in 2017)
  • Terry Group Ltd.
  • The Elevator Company Ltd.
  • Thomson Lifts Ltd.
  • Titan Elevators Ltd.
  • Titan New Lifts Ltd.
  • TJ Elevator Services Ltd.
  • Total Lift Care Lt d.
  • Total Lifts Ltd.
  • Traditional Lift Products Ltd.
  • Triangle Lift Services[15]
  • Triple S Lift Services
  • UK Lift & Escalator Company Ltd. (bought by Kone)
  • VM Elevators Ltd.
  • Welding Engineers (Mersey) Ltd.
  • Wessex Lift Co Ltd.


Company Notes
Ennis Lifts Ltd. Bought by Kone. Was also a distributor of Mitsubishi Electric elevators in Ireland.
Infinity Lifts
Liffey Lifts Ltd. Bought by Otis.
Midwestern Lifts Bought by Orona, as this company was a distributor of Orona elevators in Ireland.
Pickerings Lifts Ireland Bought by Kone.
Premier Lifts
West of Ireland Lifts Ltd. Bought by Otis.

United States

  • 3D Elevator
  • Abell Elevator International
  • Arizona Elevator Solutions (AES)
  • Allied Elevator
  • American Elevator
  • Amtech
  • Amtech Elevator Services
  • Amtech Reliable Elevator Co.
  • Arrow Elevator
  • Atlas Elevator
  • Barbee Curran Elevator
  • Baxter and Sons
    • known as "Baxco"
  • Bay State Elevator Co.[18]
  • Brown Elevator
  • Burlington Elevator Co.[18]
  • Cal-West
  • Canton Elevator
  • Centric Elevator
  • Chenoweth Kern Elevator Division Co.[19]
  • County Elevator
  • Craftsman Elevator
  • Curtis Elevator
  • Da-Sota Elevator
  • D-C Elevator Co.
  • D&D Elevator
  • Delta Elevator
  • Delta-Beckwith Elevator Co.
  • Deya Elevator Service Inc. (Puerto Rico)
  • Dixie Elevator Inc.
  • Doolan Elevator
  • Eagle Elevator
  • Eletech Elevator Inc.
  • Elevator Control Service
  • Elevator Industries
  • Elevator Sales & Service
  • Elevator Service Co.
  • Elevator Technology Inc.
  • EMR Elevator Inc.
  • Energy Elevator
  • Esco Elevators Service Inc.
  • Galaxy Elevator
  • Golden Gate Elevator
  • Grindel Elevator Co.[18]
  • General Elevator Corp. (CA, older)
  • Hadfield Elevator Co. Inc.
  • Hartford Elevator
  • Heights Elevator
  • Hobson Elevator Co.[18]
  • Hotchkiss Elevator Co.
  • Houston Elevator Services
  • Hunter Hayes[18]
  • Independent Elevator Co.[18]
  • Industrial Commercial Elevator Co. (ICE Elevator Co.)
  • International Elevator Co.
  • J.G. Elevator
  • Jeffery Elevator
  • Jersey Elevator
  • Kencor Elevator
  • Kendall Elevator
  • Kimball Elevator [20]
  • Lagerquist Corp.[18]
  • McGlynn Hays
  • Marcato Elevator
  • Marshall Elevator Co.[18][21]
  • Metro Elevator
  • Miami Elevator
  • Midland Elevator
  • Minnesota Elevator[22]
  • Motion Elevator Co.
  • Mowrey Elevator
  • Nashville Machine Co., Inc.[18]
  • National Elevator
  • New Heights Elevator Co. Inc.
  • Niagra Elevator
  • Noble Elevator
  • Northwest Elevator Co
  • Northwestern Elevator Co.[18]
  • O'Keefe Elevator Co.
  • Pacific Elevator
  • Performance Elevator Co.
  • Pine State Elevator Co.
  • Professional Elevator
  • Reading
  • Reliable Elevator Co.
  • Reliance Elevator Co.
  • Republic Elevator
  • Schumacher Elevator
  • Security Elevator Co.[18]
  • Seelar Elevator Inc.[18]
  • Smartrise Engineering Inc.
  • Sound Elevator Co.[18]
  • Southern Elevator
  • Stanley Elevator Co.[18]
  • Sturm Elevator
  • Tejas Elevator[23]
  • Toledo Elevator Company
  • Transcel Elevator
  • Tri-County Elevator Co.
  • Trodella Elevator
  • United Elevator Corp. (UECO)
  • Unitec/United Co. (Texas Division)
  • Warfield & Sanford Elevator Co.


  • Thien Nam Elevator Co. Ltd.[24]
  • Tu Dong Elevator Co. Ltd.

List of generic elevator component companies

Main article: List of generic elevator component companies


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