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Sigma Elevator Company is a subsidiary of Otis Elevator Korea (OEK) in South Korea. It serves as a brand of Otis Elevator Korea for all overseas/export markets. It was founded in 2000.


Sigma currently has businesses in more than 75 countries worldwide, and subsidiaries in five countries; Hong Kong (China)[1], Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

In the United States, Sigma elevators were distributed by CemcoLift, which was a historic elevator company bought by Otis and based in Hatfield, PA. However, in 2012 CemcoLift has gone bankrupt and replaced by a new company called Minnesota Elevator Solutions.[2]

It's headquarter, factory and testing tower are located in Changwon, South Korea, which are also operated by Otis Elevator Korea. It also has a secondary factory in Dalian, China, opened in 1998 to meet demands on Chinese elevator market.

In 2014, Sigma had a partnership with EXPRESS Elevator Co., Ltd., an elevator company based in Suzhou, China as well as a subsidiary of Otis[3]. In 2016, Express/Sigma opened their headquarters in Suzhou, China[4].

Notable products


Main article: Sigma Iris

The Iris elevator is a standard compact machine room elevator for low to mid rise buildings. It is named after the ancient Greek mythological rainbow goddess "Iris". In 2012 or 2013, the model was upgraded into Iris NV (for the countries other than Russia, now known as ACRA[5] since 2019) and Iris NR (for Russia).

Iris 3

Sigma Iris 3

Iris 3 logo

Iris 3 is their current elevator model for high-rise buildings.


Main article: Sigma Solon

SOLON is a machine room less elevator for low to mid-rise buildings with permanent magnet (PM) gearless motor. It consists of two series; Solon Standard[6] and Solon Comfort[7]. In 2012 or 2013, the model was upgraded into Solon NV (now known as Solon Premium since 2019).


Main article: Sigma Muse (elevator)
Muse NV

Muse NV logo

Muse is Sigma's version of Otis's Gen2 machine room less elevator system. Unlike the SOLON, it uses flat polyurethane steel belt which is 20% lighter than conventional steel ropes. It also equipped with PULSE system, a device that monitors the status of the flat belts and alerts if a wear or tear occurred on the belts. In 2012 or 2013, it was upgraded into Muse NV.

Di (Distributed Inverter)

Main article: Sigma Di

Distributed Inverter (Di) was a geared traction elevator mainly for low to high-rise building. It was first introduced in 1998 and discontinued in favor of Iris NV and Iris 3.


A passenger elevator model for residential buildings and only sold in Russia[8].


A more basic machine room less elevator with 450-1000 kilograms capacity. This model might have been discontinued.


A escalator model which looks similar to Otis's Link, NCE 506, NCE 508, 510 PSE, NCE 512 or XO-508 by Xizi Otis.


SCE (stands for Sigma Commercial Escalator) was Sigma's escalator for commercial buildings.


SCT and SET were Sigma's two models of inclined moving walks.

Notable installations

Main article: List of Notable Elevator Installations of Sigma Elevator

Distributors/sole agents


Company name Country Remarks
Access Group Sri Lanka
Al Majid Group UAE
Astanalift Co. Ltd. Kazakhstan
CGC Elevators Saudi Arabia
Darwish & Company Qatar
Data Engineering Ltd. Mauritius
Fortune International Co. Ltd. Myanmar
PT. Jaya Kencana Indonesia [9]
Marafie Engineering Group Company Kuwait
Regional Traders Ltd. Bangladesh
PT. Seltech Putera Perkasa Indonesia Serves Pekanbaru, Riau only.
Since 2011
S Lift Russia
Sedate Trading Co., Ltd. Myanmar Since May 2017


  • CemcoLift Inc. (Hatfield, PA, United States) (closed down in 2012)


  • A Sigma elevator (Lift 5) in Blok M Square, Jakarta, Indonesia fell down from the 7th floor in the afternoon of March 17, 2017. The accident was caused by overloading; the elevator, which has a capacity of 24 persons or 1600 kilograms, was filled with 25 people (although some sources said that 35 people were entering the elevator). Witnesses said the elevator stopped on the 3rd and the 1st floor (because of safety brake got triggered) during freefall before hitting the bottom floor, injuring 25 people inside[10][11]
  • Another Sigma elevator fell down in Pattaya Center Hotel in Pattaya, Thailand on March 7, 2017, causing nine district officials injured.[12].
  • From 2015 to 2017, several new Sigma elevators in various Housing & Development Board (HDB) estates in Singapore were plagued by numerous breakdowns and problems[13]. Because of this, Sigma is currently banned by HDB from tendering new projects since late 2015.


  • In Taiwan, Sigma elevators are installed by Tatung Otis Elevator, and the elevators are often branded as Tatung Otis.
  • The name "Otis Elevator Korea" (OEK) is often found or listed in some Sigma elevator components, such as nameplate or protective door covering stickers when the elevator has just been installed.



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