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For the South Korea markets of the Sigma products, please refer to LG-OTIS.

Sigma Elevator Company is a South Korean elevator company. A subsidiary of Otis Elevator Korea (OEK) in South Korea, it serves as a brand of Otis Elevator Korea for overseas/export markets and was established in 2000 to replace the LG-OTIS brand overseas.


Sigma was established in 2000, a year after Otis merged with LG Industrial Systems's elevator division and became LG-OTIS. It was established as a brand of Otis Korea for overseas markets.

In 2014, Sigma had a partnership with EXPRESS Elevator Co., Ltd., an elevator company based in Suzhou, China as well as a subsidiary of Otis[1]. In 2016, Express/Sigma opened their headquarters in Suzhou, China[2].


As of now, Sigma has operations in over 60 countries which are all represented by local distributors and sole agents. It also has subsidiaries located in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong (China, currently subsidiary of Otis Hong Kong).

The headquarters is located on the eight floor of Two IFC in Seoul, South Korea. Its factories are in China, one located in Hangzhou and another one located in the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA) in Tianjin. It also has another factory in Dalian (operated by Dalian Sigma Elevator Company) which was opened in 1997 to meed demands on the Chinese elevator market. It is unknown if the Dalian factory is still operating.

Until 2013, production was mainly done in their Changwon factory in South Korea, which had been operating when GoldStar was still in business. In 2013, the factory was closed after it was sold to LG Electronics, and production was moved to China. This was also the same case for Otis Elevator Korea, where elevators installed in South Korea were manufactured in China. In 2017, Otis Korea announced that it would build a new research & development center and a manufacturing facility in Songdo International City in Incheon, South Korea, which construction started in 2018 and was completed in 2019[3][4][5][6]. With local production for Otis Korea has resumed in this new facility, it is likely that Sigma would resume its local production there.

In the United States, Sigma elevators were distributed by CemcoLift, an elevator company based in Hatfield, PA that was part of Otis. However, CemcoLift shuts down in 2012[7] and distribution of Sigma elevators has since been discontinued. CemcoLift had only installed very few Sigma elevators in the U.S.

Notable elevator and escalator models



  • ACRA: Low to mid rise traction elevator model. Successor of Di1, Di2 and Iris, and formerly known as Iris NV between 2013 and 2019.
  • Iris 3: Traction elevator model for high rise buildings. Successor of both DS4 and Di5.
  • Iris NR: A model belongs to the Iris series that is designed exclusively for the Russian and CIS markets, and mainly for residential buildings. The IRIS NR has speed range of 1.0 m/s up to 1.75 m/s with capacity ranging from 450 kg to 1000 kg. It was launched in 2013.
  • Iris Premier: An upcoming model designed for low cost residential and hotel buildings. It has a speed range of 1.0 m/s up to 1.75 m/s with capacity ranging from 450 kg to 1000 kg and stops up to 32 stops.
  • Solon Premium: Machine room less elevator for low to mid rise buildings. Successor of the original Solon model, and formerly known as Solon NV between 2013 and 2019.
  • Muse NV: Sigma's version of Otis Gen2 machine room less elevator. Successor of the original Muse model.


  • Distributed Inverter (Di): Standard passenger elevator model for low to high rise buildings which had been sold since 1998 (under LG). Discontinued in 2012-2013 and succeeded by Iris NV (now ACRA) and Iris 3.
    • Di1: Geared traction for low to mid rise buildings, with maximum speed of 1.75 m/s.
    • Di2: Geared traction for low to mid rise buildings, with maximum speed of 2.5 m/s.
    • Ds4: Gearless traction for high rise buildings, with maximum speed of 4 m/s.
    • Di5: Gearless traction for high rise buildings, with maximum speed of 7 m/s.
  • Iris: Standard passenger elevator for low to mid rise building, manufactured by Dalian Sigma Elevator Co. Ltd. in Dalian, China. Discontinued and succeeded by Iris NV in 2012-2013.
  • Solon: Machine room less elevator for low to mid rise buildings. Succeeded by Solon NV (now Solon Premium since 2019).
    • Solon Standard: The standard version[8].
    • Solon Comfort: Version with limited specifications[9].
  • Muse: Sigma's version of Otis Gen2. Succeeded by Muse NV.
  • RTE: Passenger elevator for residential buildings, only sold in Russia[10].
  • EMR1000: Low-cost machine room less elevator for low rise buildings with 450-1000 kg capacity range[11]. Discontinued possibly due to low sales.


  • Vera: Current escalator model for commercial applications. It is Sigma's version of XO21NP, and a successor of Sigma SCE.
  • SCE: Sigma's previous escalator model for commercial applications, now discontinued. The model name is an acronym of "Sigma Commercial Escalator".
  • SCT and SET: Inclined moving walkways, discontinued.

Notable installations

Main article: List of notable Sigma elevator installations

Overseas distributors


Company Country(s) Notes
Access Group Sri Lanka
Al Majid Group United Arab Emirates
Astanalift Co. Ltd. Kazakhstan
CGC Elevators Saudi Arabia
Darwish & Company Qatar
Data Engineering Ltd. Mauritius
Fortune International Co. Ltd. Myanmar
PT. Jaya Kencana Indonesia Was originally a distributor of GoldStar and LG elevators and escalators in Indonesia from 1983 until 2001.
Khan Brothers Equi-Build Limited Bangladesh
Marafie Engineering Group Company Kuwait
Regional Traders Ltd. Bangladesh
PT. Seltech Putera Perkasa Indonesia Serves Pekanbaru, Riau only.
Since 2011
S Lift Russia
Sedate Trading Co., Ltd. Myanmar Since May 2017


Company Country(s) Notes
CemcoLift Inc. United States Based in Hatfield, PA. A subsidiary of Otis.
Defunct in 2012.


  • A Sigma elevator (Lift 5) in Blok M Square, Jakarta, Indonesia fell down from the 7th floor in the afternoon of March 17, 2017. The accident was caused by overloading; the elevator, which has a capacity of 24 persons or 1600 kilograms, was filled with 25 people (although some sources said that 35 people were entering the elevator). Witnesses said the elevator stopped on the 3rd and the 1st floor (because of safety brake got triggered) during freefall before hitting the bottom floor, injuring 25 people inside[12][13]
  • Another Sigma elevator fell down in Pattaya Center Hotel in Pattaya, Thailand on March 7, 2017, causing nine district officials injured.[14].
  • Between 2015 and 2017, several new Sigma elevators in various Housing & Development Board (HDB) estates in Singapore were plagued by numerous breakdowns and problems[15]. This resulted the company being banned by HDB from tendering new projects since late 2015.


  • In Taiwan, Sigma elevators are installed by Tatung Otis Elevator, and elevators in there are often branded as Tatung Otis.
  • Since Sigma is a subsidiary of Otis Korea, the name "Otis Elevator Korea" (or OEK) is often found in certain parts or components that are usually not visible to the public. The name is also printed in the elevator protective covering sheets, which are usually found in brand new elevators that have just been installed.
  • A few China made Sigma models, such as the Iris NV and Solon NV, were also sold in South Korea but they were branded as Otis. This is because Otis Korea had closed its local factory and moved its production to China, so most of the elevators installed before 2019 came from China.



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