Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co. Ltd. (Chinese: 上海三菱电梯有限公司, also knows as SMEC) is an elevator and escalator company which is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation of Japan. As its name suggest, its headquarter is located in the town of Minhang, Shanghai, China. It is one of the largest elevator manufacturer in China.


Shanghai Mitsubishi elevator was established in 1987 under a joint venture with four companies[1]; Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Investment Corporation, China National Machinery Import & Export Corporation, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Japan), and Ryoden (holdings) Ltd. (Hong Kong, China).

Notable products


  • GPS-II and GPS-III: Traction elevator (discontinued)
  • GPS-BIII: Bed elevator based on GPS-III (discontinued)
  • GPS-CR: Residential elevator (discontinued)
  • HOPE-II: Traction elevator
  • HOPE-II G: Freight elevator
  • LEHY-II: Gearless mini machine room traction elevator.
  • LEHY-III: Gearless compact machine room traction elevator.
  • LEHY-M: Medium to high-rise elevator.
  • LEHY-MRL: Machine room less elevator.
  • LEHY-IIB: Bed elevator based on LEHY-II.
  • Elenessa: Machine room less elevators (possibly discontinued)
  • Observation elevators
  • CIC-V: Vehicle elevator
  • SD-BS: Dumbwaiter

Escalators and moving walks

  • J-Type: Escalator
  • Series K: Escalator
  • Series C: Moving walk

Distributors/sole agents outside China


Company name Country Remark
Alfaneyah Electromechanical Company Ltd. Saudi Arabia Based in Jeddah
PT. Cahaya Cipta Abadi Indonesia
Delta Elevator Company Libya
Elevator Engineering & Equipment (EEE) SAL Lebanon
Elevator Engineering Enterprises UAE and Egypt
Eltech Engineering Co. Ltd. Bangladesh
Excelift Pte. Ltd. Singapore
Fourth Dimension Escalators & Elevators Jordan
Global City Engineering L.L.C (GCE) Oman
Lighthouse Elevator Engineering Limited Hong Kong, China [2][3]
My Elevator (MYE) Malaysia
Nguyen Khang Elevator Vietnam
Optimized Triple E Elevators and Trading Qatar
Oufu Elevators (Macau) Limited Macau, China [4]
Platinum Development LLC Oman
PMS India India
S.E.C. (East African) Company Limited Tanzania
SAASA Corporation Pakistan
Shanghai Arabian Electromechanical Saudi Arabia Based in Riyadh
Shanghai Electric Middle East FZCO Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait,
and Yemen
Shanghai Indian Elevators India Serves Southern India
Sun Fai Engineering & Equipment Co. Ltd. Hong Kong, China [5][6]
United Elevators Company Palestine
PT. Wahana Elok Langgeng Lestari (WELL) Indonesia Since 2001[7]
PT. Wahana Indah Selaras Eltraeska (WISE) Indonesia


Liftronic Pty. Ltd., an Australian elevator company used to distribute and install Shanghai Mitsubishi elevators and escalators in Australia, but it has stopped distributing them. Nowadays, they mainly install SJEC elevators and escalators, apart from making elevators under their own name.

Notable elevator installations

Main article: List of notable Shanghai Mitsubishi elevator installations

Elevator fixtures

Main article: Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Fixtures Guide


  • Like Mitsubishi Elenessa and NEXIEZ-MRL, the control board for Shanghai Mitsubishi LEHY-MRL and Elenessa machine room less elevators is located hidden behind the hall station on the top floor. A keyhole on the bottom of the hall station is used to access the control board.


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