Schindler is a Swiss manufacturer of elevators, escalators and moving walkways, based in Ebikon, the municipality of Lucerne in Switzerland. It is the second largest manufacturer of elevators after Otis Elevator Company, as well as the largest manufacturer of escalators in the world.


Schindler was founded in 1874 by Robert Schindler and Eduard Villiger. Soon, they established a mechanical engineering workshop on an island in the Reuss River in Lucerne, Switzerland. At that time, the company was called "Schindler & Villiger". In 1892, Eduard Villiger leaves the partnership and the company continues under the name of Robert Schindler, Machinery Manufacturer.

Schindler founded the first foreign subsidiary in Berlin, Germany in 1906. Thereafter, the company expanded continuously and mainly throughout Europe. For examples, Schindler established its presence in the United Kingdom in 1960 operating under the name Platt-Schindler, and in France in 1969 after acquiring Roux Combaluzier which it later became Roux Combaluzier Schindler or RCS. In the 1970s, Schindler relocated its headquarters to Ebikon, Switzerland where it is currently located.

In 1974, Schindler formed a joint venture with Hong Kong based Jardine Matheson & Co. Ltd. Hong Kong, and became Jardine Schindler until now. In 1980, Schindler founded the first Western industrial joint venture in China, and established China Schindler Elevator Co. (or China Schindler). It was formed under a joint venture with the Schindler Holdings, Jardine Schindler Far East, and China Construction Machinery[1]. The joint venture lasted until 2001 when Schindler took over the joint venture entirely[2].

In the U.S., Schindler first entered the American elevator market in 1979 by acquiring Haughton Elevator Company and the Canadian division of Armor Elevator in 1982. Later in 1989, Schindler purchased Westinghouse Electric's elevator division. Schindler's U.S. headquarters are located in Morristown, New Jersey, and their Canadian headquarters are located in Toronto, Ontario.

In 1992, Schindler unveiled Miconic 10, the world's first practical elevator destination dispatch system. In 1998, Schindler acquired Haushahn from Stuttgart, Germany. The following year saw the acquisition of Elevadores Atlas of Brazil, which later became Atlas Schindler and remains a major player in the Brazilian elevator market.

Schindler launched its second generation of destination dispatch Schindler ID in 2000. In 2005, Schindler launched a number of new innovative elevator models, such as Schindler 3100, Schindler 3300, Schindler 5300 and Schindler 6200, as well as a new lineup of freight and special purpose elevators Schindler 2400, 2500 and 2600.

In 2009, a third generation destination dispatch, The PORT Technology was officially launched. At the same time first PORT installation was installed at the International Commerce Centre in Hong Kong.

On April 5, 2016, Schindler's operations in Japan were sold to Nippon Otis Elevator Company because of low reputation in Japan due to one of several Schindler elevator accidents in Japan.

In 2020, Schindler launched a lineup of new generation of modular elevator models with innovative technologies, the Schindler 1000, 3000 and 5000[3].

Notable products and technologies

Elevators (current)

  • Schindler 1000: Machine room less elevator for low-rise residential buildings. Serving as a successor of Schindler 3100, it was launched in 2020, first in Europe.
    • Schindler 1000 Plus: Version for replacement of older elevators.
  • Schindler 3000: Machine room less elevator for low to mid-rise residential and commercial buildings. Serving as a successor of Schindler 3300, it was launched in 2020, first in Europe and Asia. However, it is not available in Mainland China.
    • Schindler 3000 Plus: Version for replacement of older elevators.
  • Schindler 3100: Machine room less elevator for low-rise residential buildings sold in Europe, India and North America. It was launched in 2005 (2011 for India, and 2016 for North America). Exclusively in Austria, it is known as Schindler 3.
  • Schindler 3300: Machine room less elevator for low to mid-rise residential and commercial buildings. It was launched in 2005 (2007 for Asia Pacific and 2011 for both India and North America).
  • Schindler 3300 XL: A larger version of the North American 3300 to accommodate stretchers. It was launched in 2018.
  • Schindler 3400: Machine room less elevator for low to mid-rise residential and commercial buildings. It is only sold in Switzerland.
  • Schindler 5000: Machine room less elevator for low to high-rise residential and commercial buildings. Serving as a successor of Schindler 5500, it was launched in 2020, first in Europe and Asia. However, it is not available in Mainland China.
    • Schindler 5000 Plus: Version for replacement of older elevators.
  • Schindler 5300: Machine room less elevator for low-rise small commercial buildings. It was launched in 2005, and it is currently only sold in India.[4]
  • Schindler 5500: Machine room less elevator for low to mid-rise residential and commercial buildings. It was launched in 2013 (2014 for North America).
  • Schindler 6200: Model for replacement of older elevators in small residential buildings with limited space for the hoistway. Launched in 2005, it is based on Schindler 3300.
  • Schindler 6300: Model for replacement of older elevators in residential and commercial buildings sold in all regions except North America. It is based on Schindler 3300.
  • Schindler 6400: Model for modernization/replacement of older elevators in low to mid-rise buildings. Only sold in the United States and Canada.
  • Schindler 6500: Model for replacement of older elevators in residential and commercial buildings, possibly only available in Europe. It is based on Schindler 5500.
  • Schindler 7000: High speed elevator for high-rise buildings that can be customizable based on client's demand.
  • The PORT Technology: Schindler's third generation of traffic management system (destination dispatch). It was launched in 2009 as a successor of both Miconic 10 and Schindler ID.
  • Schindler 2400, 2500 and 2600: Special large elevators for heavy duty applications sold since 2005. They are the successors of Schindler 60, 70 and 80.
  • Schindler 330A: Hydraulic elevator model only sold in North America since 2001.
  • Schindler ReMO: Traction elevator for commercial and residential buildings only sold in South Korea.
  • Schindler 250K: Freight elevator model only sold in South Korea.
  • Schindler 2200: Dumbwaiter, only sold in Switzerland and Germany. It is a successor of Schindler 20, the company's previous dumbwaiter model.


Elevators (discontinued)

  • Supermatic: Programmed elevator control system for high-rise buildings, introduced in 1955. It is similar to Otis's Autotronic, Westinghouse's Selectomatic and Express Lift's DMR Control. An example of this system can be found in the Gefinor Centre in Beirut, Lebanon (installed in 1969)[5].
  • Transitronic: High speed elevator system with Ward Leonard drive and regulated by germanium transistors, launched in 1960. An example of this elevator was installed at the former Mercantile Bank Building (now Pacific Express Central Market Hotel) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1961[6].
  • Dynatron: Elevator drive system launched in 1965, based on Schlieren's Monotron drive which was developed in 1958. These drive systems are particularly distinguished by direct stopping, regulated electronically as a function of the distance to the floor level. Dynatron should not be confused with Schindler's Dynator (Ward Leonard) drive, which was introduced in 1945. This has been integrated into the Miconic controllers until mid 1990s, which succeed by the Variodyn VF drive.
  • Zonamatic: Elevator control system launched in 1970.
  • Variomatic: Elevator control system (?) launched in 1972.
  • Aconic: Elevator control system launched in 1985. Succeeded by Schindler's Miconic Controls.
  • Schindler AL Series: Freight elevator model released in the 80s. Available in AL1000, AL2000, AL2500, AL3200, AL4000 and AL5000.
  • designS: Modular elevator model for residential buildings in European markets, launched in 1984.
  • Miconic 10: Elevator destination dispatch system introduced in 1992 as the first of its kind in the world. It was discontinued in 2012 but still available in certain countries.
  • Schindler Smart MRL: A series of machine room less elevator for residential and small commercial buildings launched in 1998. It consist of three main models; Smart MRL 001, Smart MRL 002 and Smart MRL 002 DE.
  • Schindler 001: Simplified traction or hydraulic elevator for residential buildings in Southern Europe. Introduced in 1997.
  • Schindler EuroLift: Modular machine room less elevator for residential and commercial buildings. Launched in 2001 as a replacement of SchindlerMobile.
  • Schindler ID: Introduced in 2000 as the evolution of Miconic 10 with building and accessibility management system. It was the second generation of Schindler's traffic management system.
  • Schindler 100: Series of low-cost elevator models for low rise residential buildings, sold in Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. It was launched in the mid 1990s
    • Schindler 100 P: The Asia Pacific version of Schindler 100. Launched in 2000.
    • Schindler 100L: The Latin American version of Schindler 100.
    • Schindler 100IL: The Israeli version of Schindler 100, only sold in Israel.
  • Schindler 300: Series of elevator models sold in North and South America, Asia-Pacific, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Launched in 1993.
    • Schindler 300A: Hydraulic elevator model only sold in North America, part of Schindler 300.
    • Schindler 300 J: Japanese version of Schindler 300.
  • Schindler 310L: Gearless elevator model only sold in Latin America.
  • Schindler 321A: Hydraulic elevator model only sold in North America.
  • Schindler 400A/400AE: Low to mid-rise gearless traction elevator model only sold in North America. Launched in 2003 and discontinued in 2014 and succeeded by Schindler 5500.
  • Schindler 500: Mid to high-rise elevator model for commercial and residential buildings in Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. It was launched in 2000.
    • Schindler 500 P: The Asia Pacific version.
    • Schindler 500A: Mid to high-rise elevator model only sold in North America. It was launched in 2001 and discontinued in 2013.
    • Schindler 500 L: Latin American version.
  • Schindler 510L: Gearless elevator model only sold in Latin America.
  • Schindler 700: High-rise high speed elevator model introduced in 2002. It was succeeded by Schindler 7000.
  • Schindler 800 (also known as Schindler 800 LogoLine): Scenic elevator model. It has unique possibility to be an advertising medium, a feature never seen to be normally available in any other elevator model from any manufacturer.
  • Schindler 5400: Gearless traction elevator model for low to high-rise buildings. Discontinued and succeeded by Schindler 5500, but still available in China and South Korea (as Schindler 5400 AP).
  • Schindler Elegant: Series of traction elevator for basic low to mid rise residential and commercial buildings, and only sold in Asia.
    • Schindler Elegant Classic: Geared traction with worm gear and machine room.
    • Schindler Elegant MRL: Machine room less gearless traction.
  • Schindler S100L: Traction elevator model only sold in Latin America.
  • Schindler neu: Rebadged Mitsubishi ELEPAQ-i machine room less elevator, only sold in Japan.
  • Schindler LiMO: Modernization model for older elevators, only available in Japan. It used Dewhurst buttons and LCD floor indicators for the fixtures.
  • Schindler NeoLift: Low to mid rise passenger elevator for Latin American markets, manufactured by Atlas Schindler in Brazil. Discontinued and succeeded by the Schindler 5500.
  • Schindler 20: Dumbwaiter
  • Schindler 60, 70 and 80: Freight and special elevator models (service, bed and freight respectively). Succeeded by the Schindler 2400, 2500 and 2600.

Escalators and moving walks

  • Schindler 9300 AE: Current modular escalator model for commercial applications sold since 1997.
  • Schindler 9700: Current escalator model for high traffic and heavy duty environments sold since 1998 (?)
  • Schindler 9500: Current moving walk model for commercial applications.
  • Escalant: Discontinued escalator model designed by Italian designer Giugiaro[7]. It was launched in 1988.

Notable elevator installations

Main article: List of notable Schindler elevator installations


Elevator companies

Year Company Country(s) Notes
1911 Severin Senator GmbH Germany Based in Berlin.
1960 Schweizerische Wagons und Aufzügefabrik Schlieren (SWS) Switzerland
1969 Roux Combaluzier France Became Roux Combaluzier Schindler or RCS until 1992.
1969 Wertheim-Werke Austria
1970 J. C. van Straaten's Liften- en Maschienfabriek N.V. Netherlands
1974 Aüfzuge AG Switzerland
1979 Guiral Industrias Electricas SA (GIESA) Spain Became Schindler Giesa until 1993.
1979 Haughton Elevator Company United States Became Schindler Haughton until the mid 1980s.
1982 Keighley Lifts United Kingdom
1982 Armor Elevator Canada Ltd. Canada
1983 Gelicom SA Belgium
1984 Precision Elevator Pty. Ltd. Australia
1985 Diplomat Spain
1986 Western Elevator Limited Canada
1986 Wertheim-Werke Austria
1987 Nippon Elevator Industry Co. Ltd. Japan
1989 Westinghouse Electric Corp. United States
1989 T.L. Jones Ltd. New Zealand
1989 Bioergvin Kristofersson Iceland
1990 Gebauer AG Switzerland
1990 Devehissar Alvesta AB Sweden Became Deve Schindler until 2000.
1992 Türkeli Ticaret S.A. Turkey
1992 Vytahy CSFR A.S. Czech Republic
1996 EFACEC Elevadores S.A. Portugal
1997 Nechushtan Israel Became Nechushtan Schindler for a while.
1998 Haushahn GmbH Germany
1999 Elevadores Atlas Brazil Became Atlas Schindler until now.
2001 Liftremont Russia
2003 Jong Ang Elevator Co. Ltd. South Korea Became Schindler Jong Ang Elevator for a while.
2003 Doppelmayr Aufzüge AG Austria
2005 Mercury Ascensore Japan
2006 Hyundai Elevator Co. Ltd. South Korea Only 25.5% of the stake.
2009 Saudi Elevator Corp. Saudi Arabia
2010 Reliable Elevator United States
2011 Midland Elevator United States [8]
Unknown year United Lift Company United Kingdom [9]

Other affiliated companies

Year Company Country(s) Notes
1975 Harrisons Lister Ltd. Singapore
Was a distributor of Schindler elevators and escalators since the 1950s.
1977 Brøad. Reber (Reber Brothers) Norway Was a distributor of Schindler elevators.
Became Reber-Schindler for a couple of years.
1989 Adams United States
1994 Philippine Industrial Engineering Company Philippines This company was a sole agent of Schindler elevators in the Philippine from 1957. Acquired by Jardine Schindler Group.

Joint ventures

Year Company Based in Notes
1974 Jardine, Matheson & Co. Ltd.
(or Jardine Pacific in Hong Kong, Jardine Schindler Group)
Hong Kong, China [10]
1988 Suzhou Elevator Company China
1990 Hédinn Lyftur Hf Iceland Schindler Group owns 51% of Schindler Iceland and Hédinn Lyftur owns 49%. Also known as Hédinn Schindler[11].
1996 Saigon Engineering Co. Ltd. Vietnam
2000 PT Berca Schindler Lifts Jakarta, Indonesia Joint venture between Jardine Schindler Group and Central Cipta Murdaya (CCM) group.
2011 XJ Elevator Henan, China Later forming XJ Schindler.

Notable distributors


Company Country(s) Notes
Afrique Ascenseurs Senegal
Al Doha Elevators & Escalators W.L.L. Qatar
Altagnia Alhadetha Company Libya
AR Sultan Ltd. Sierra Leone
ARM Trading & Engineering Co. Ltd. Sudan
Averof G. Stylianides Eng. Ltd. Cyprus South
BME LLC Azerbaijan
Caribbean Lifts Limited Trinidad and Tobago
Chanic S.A. Democratic Republic of the Congo
Creative Engineers Ltd. Bangladesh
CSI Installations Ltd. Tanzania
Elevator Escalator Services (EES) Mauritius
Elif A/S Estonia
EME Ashensor Group Sh.p.k Albania
EME Group-KS sh.p.k Kosovo
In and Out Global Resources Nigeria
Konnected Limited Ghana
Kubilay Kutay Müh. ve İnş. Ltd. Şti Cyprus North
Mass International Co. LLC Oman
Merin (Pvt.) Ltd. Pakistan
Metco Eritrea
Nedir Gala Turkmenistan
Osiris Ascenseur SARL Cameroon
Panta Lesco Limited Malta Since 1989.
Formed a joint venture in 2005 called Schindler Lifts Malta.
Pinto & Cruz Angola
Roko Construction Kampala Rwanda
S.E.I.B Benin
S.T.A.S. Tunisia
Safety Elevators & Escalators LLC Uzbekistan
Sezal d.o.o. Macedonia
Sidaal Ivory Coast
D.R. Congo
Sodema Togo
(Société Oranaise de Maintenance Industrielle)
Tana Engineering PLC Ethiopia
Tecno Elevadores Limitada Mozambique
Techno Trade Pvt. Ltd. Nepal
Trade Promoters (Pvt) Limited Sri Lanka
Wincotech Lifts Nigeria


Company Country(s) Notes
Ascensores de Guatemala, Cia. Ltda. Guatemala
Ascenseurs du Liban Lebanon
PT. Berca Indonesia Indonesia 1980-2000[12]
Brøad. Reber (Reber Brothers) Norway 1946-1977
Acquired by Schindler and became Reber-Schindler for a while.
PT. Capitol Mutual Corporation Indonesia 1970s (?) - 1980
CMC later became the distributor of Toshiba elevators and escalators until 1998.
Cranbrook Electrical Ltd. Jamaica
Dalsan, C. por A. Dominican Republic
Electro Ecuatoriana S.A.C.I. Ecuador
Elevadores de Nicaragua S.A. Nicaragua
Elvatron S.A. Costa Rica
Harrisons Lister Engineering Ltd. Singapore
Holler Ingenieria S.R.L. Paraguay
Industech Caribbean N.V. Curaçao Curaçao
Instalaciones Tecnica S.A. Panama
Kalifra Ltda. Bolivia
Listo Ltd. Kenya 19??-1989
Luis Harnecker von Kretschmann Chile 1915-19??
The Jardine Engineering Co. Ltd. British Hong Kong 1931?-1974
Metropolitan Electricity Authority of Bangkok Thailand 1950s-19??
Based in Bangkok.
Nechushtan Israel Prior to 1996
Richter & Company Ltd. Trinidad and Tobago
Philippine Industrial Engineering Company Philippines 1957-1994
Tecnica International S.A. de C.V. El Salvador
Traversah S. de R.L. Honduras
Valmet Finland Prior to 1990s?


  • Almost every Schindler elevator models uses numbers for easy differentiation. The higher the number means the higher the typical rise and requirement level.
  • In the United States, when Schindler acquired Haughton (an elevator company based in Toledo, Ohio) in 1979, their products were branded as Schindler Haughton until 1989.
  • In the United Kingdom, Schindler was once known as Platt Schindler from 1960 until the 1970s.
  • During in the 1980s, when Schindler acquired Keighley Lifts, their products were branded as Keighley Schindler.
  • In France, when Schindler bought Roux Combaluzier in 1969, their elevators were often branded as Roux Combaluzier Schindler or RCS until 1992. Before RCS, it was known as Gervais-Schindler.
  • In Sweden, after Schindler bought Deve, Schindler renamed itself to Deve-Schindler between 1990-2000. This was done in order to protect the legacy of Deve and its works in Alvesta, which was eventually defunct anyway in 1994.
  • Some Schindler elevators in South Korea have Hyundai "traits" on them. This is because Schindler acquired 25.5% stake of Hyundai Elevator Co. Ltd. in 2006. Moreover, there are some Hyundai elevators which are branded as Schindler instead.
  • Schindler installed its first elevator in Hong Kong in 1931.
  • Some Schindler elevators in Malaysia are also serviced and maintained by Titi Maju Sdn. Bhd., which is one of the two franchise holders of Schindler in Malaysia (the other one is Antah Schindler Sdn. Bhd.)
  • For the hydraulics range of Schindler 2400, Schindler uses hydraulic machinery and controllers supplied by Hydroware AB.
  • DAKA, a former Yugoslavian elevator company from Belgrade, made elevators under license from Schindler. The elevators were basically rebranded Schindler products.
  • The defunct Spanish elevator manufacturer Guiral Industrias Electricas SA (GIESA) also made elevators under license from Schindler. It was acquired by Schindler in 1979 and became Schindler Giesa until 1985.



Schindler 300A RT Hydraulic Elevator @ Sears, Nanuet, NY

Schindler 300 A hydraulic elevator (with RT fixtures) in Sears, Nanuet, NY, United States

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