Ascensore Luciano Pastore srl


1926 (Italy)




Pastore family


Ram Pastore is an Italian elevator company. It makes elevators and assembles generic elevators.


The Pastore family boasts the presence and expertise in the elevator industry since 1926 with his grandfather Luigi, who was a chief editor of Otis, and his son Ciro. In 1954, they had a partnership with the IMA to create an administrative elevators which was turned into LIFT-IMA, a company that boasted over 1,200 plants located throughout the central and southern Italy.

In 1976, Ciro leaves the LIFT-IMA to create the present day RAM Ltd. with her children. The administration is now entrusted to Luigi well, Pastore the chief editor and Marco Pastore, a chief engineer. Besides a staff of technical professionals to join the staff, there is already a new generation ready to grow with the children Ciro, the technical field, Olimpia and Martina in administration.

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