There are two types of peak times mode; Up peak and Down peak.

Up peak (MIT)

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Up peak is a mode designed for situations where the majority of the demand for the elevator(s) is upwards (for example an office building at the start of a workday). In up peak, all elevators will be parked with their doors open on a specified floor (usually a lobby). When people have gotten into the elevator and selected their floors, the elevator will then go to those floors as usual, however once it has reached the highest floor called it will go back to the lobby and repeat these actions.

Down peak

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In Down Peak mode, the controller shall be a down collective system that only responds to down hall calls above the lobby. The controller shall respond to car calls in the direction of travel. An up traveling car shall proceed to the highest down hall call and then collect calls in the down direction of travel. Once the lowest down hall call and car call have been answered, the down collective process shall be repeated.

Elevator Special Modes 

Anti-Crime Protection (ACP)Attendant service (AS)Earthquake emergency return (EER)Emergency power operation (EPR) • Fire service mode (EFS) (Fireman's elevator) • Independent service (ISC) • Inspection service (INS) • Medical emergency/Code Blue service (EHS)Nudge modeOut of service • Peak times modes (Up peak (MIT) • Down peak) • Pet modeSabbath service (SHO)

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