Compass (now known as Compass 360) is a destination dispatch elevator system of Otis Elevator Company.


The Compass system replaces the traditional up and down push button system with a numerical keypad or touch screen in the elevator lobbies. A passenger enters his or her destination from the hallway, rather than from inside the elevator, using a keypad or touchscreen device; receives an elevator assignment, which is shown on the touchscreen; follows directions to the assigned elevator; and proceeds to his or her destination.

The system speed the passenger on his/her way with efficient, personalized service. It helps them avoid the crowds, skip stops, and get where they are going without the extra wait with SmartGrouping, Otis's patented system which works by grouping passengers going to the same destination on the same elevator car. It also allows elevator cars to serve grouped floors or zone.

The Compass also ensures an easy trip for every passenger, such as featuring standard Braille keypads, voice instructions and floor announcements, interactive directories, and additional time to enter and exit the elevator for passengers with disabilities. It also has the ability to designate specific elevators for deliveries or other building needs. Otis Compass can be applied in multiple elevator banks and either single or double deck elevators. It also works for modernization.


Compass (original system)

The original Compass system was launched in 2005, and the first system was installed in 7 World Trade Center in New York, United States. It was succeeded by the CompassPlus in 2013.


CompassPlus was unveiled in 2013 as the second generation of the Compass system. It features an improved dispatching algorithm and newly designed touch-capable and keypad fixtures with customizable features[1].

Compass 360

In 2020, Otis launched the Compass 360. Now the third generation of the Compass system, it features an even more improved dispatching algorithm as well as a newly designed and improved touch screen fixtures. It is also equipped with SuperGroup, a feature which allows passengers to go to any floors on the low to high rise zone using an elevator from a defined "super group" without having to switch elevators in transfer floors or sky lobbies. This system no longer use traditional numerical keypads as they have been replaced with 7 or 12-inch touch screens.

Notable installations

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Introducing the new CompassPlus destination management system

Introducing the new CompassPlus destination management system

Otis CompassPlus promotional video (from Otis Elevator Company's official YouTube channel)


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