Orona is a Spanish manufacturer of elevators and escalators founded in 1964 and currently headquartered in Hernani, Gipuzkoa, Spain. The company also operates globally with branches and distributors located in different countries. It is one of the leading Spanish elevator manufacturers that have sold its products globally.


Orona was founded in 1964 in San Sebastián as Orona, S. Coop, which was originally a manufacturer of boiler making equipment. They started making elevators in 1967 under license from Sabiem[1], an Italian elevator company. During this time, they made elevators with design and fixtures from Sabiem and were branded as "Orona Sabiem"[2]. In the same year Orona merged with MASTRA. In 1975, they started making their own elevators under the Orona brand after their license with Sabiem expired. By 1985, Orona was the largest elevator company in Spain. In 1989, Orona started making escalators[3].

In February 2016, Orona acquired EST Ascenseurs of France and Heis 1 Group of Norway. Heis 1 Group has been a distributor of Orona in Norway for 14 years and had locations in six Norwegian cities.

​Notable products

Orona 3G

Main article: Orona 3G

3G is Orona's current line of traction (machine room less and with machine room) and hydraulic elevator products.

Elevator fixtures

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Notable installations

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There are numerous elevator companies in Spain which have become part of the Orona Group. They mainly serves as Orona's authorized distributor in areas where the company is based at. Some of these companies are:

  • Asgi Orona (Girona)
  • Ascensores Asmes
  • Bayfer Orona (Madrid)
  • Balear de Ascensores (Ibiza, also serves Mallorca)
  • Ascensores Benedicto Rodriguez (Madrid)
  • Ascensores as Burgas
  • Busque Ascensores (Barcelona)
  • Ascensores Cosecan (Tenerife)
  • Diez Herreros
  • Electra Vitoria (Álava)
  • Ga-lo Orona (Barcelona)
  • Mar Taller Electrico
  • Ascensores Omega
  • Orona Pecres
  • Ascensores Sagastizabal (Zumarraga)
  • Ascensores Sanchezmar (Valencia)
  • Ulahi Orona (Gipuzkoa)

Overseas distributors

Internationally, Orona distributes its products through its overseas subsidiaries and a network of affiliated independent distributors. The second one was pioneered by Orona and was copied by other small elevator manufacturers trying to expand globally, such as Kleemann and Doppler.



Company' Notes
ACE Lifts Ltd.
Independant Lifts
Triangle Lift Services
Triple S Lift Services


Company Notes
Alti-Lift Serves the city of Brest.
Loire Ascenseurs Serves Vienne and Lyon

Other countries

Company Country(s) Notes
Al-Daim Company Iraq
All-in Liften Netherlands
Ameeco Investment (K) Ltd. Kenya
AMG Elevadores Brazil
AMSLift Finland
ARM Co. Sudan
Ascensor Pvt. Ltd. Maldives Since 2016
D&M Solutions Limited New Zealand Electra Vitoria branded elevators only[4]
Delmon Elevation Lift Installation Co. LLC United Arab Emirates Based in Dubai.
Delmon United Co. Kuwait
PT. Delta Mitra Perkasa Indonesia This company might have stopped distributing Orona elevators.
Element Hiss Sweden Stockholm and Uppsala only (based in Lativa as Element Hiss AB SIA)
Elevator AS Norway
Elevadores Internacional Mexico
General Electric & Trading Co. LLC
Gilco Global Pvt. Ltd. India
Global City Engineering L.L.C
Lao Peng Nguan Co., Ltd. Thailand
LTF Liften B.V. Netherlands Based in Utrecht.
MidWestern Elevators Ireland Based in Limerick. They are also a distributor of Kleemann, SJEC and MacPuarsa products.
Myanmar Mahar Htun Company Limited Myanmar
Nasco Trading LLC United Arab Emirates
Nyirlift Hungary
S.S. Lifts Ltd. Malta
Solar Alert Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia
PT. Sukuba Indo Jaya Indonesia Serves the province of Bali. They are also a distributor of LINES and China made Siglen and Fuji Electric (Fe) elevators.
Suomen Hissipalvelu Finland
Termalift Macedonia Since 2017
The Lift Company Pty. Ltd. South Africa
Vestner New Zealand Ltd. New Zealand The New Zealand subsidiary of German elevator company Vestner Aufzüge[5]


Company Country(s) Notes
Eggert Aufzuge GmbH Germany
Heis 1 Norway Acquired by Orona in 2016.
Heis-Tek Norway Acquired by Alimak Hek in 2014.
Länets Hiss Sweden Served Västernorrland only.
Lift-Mech Engineering Pte. Ltd. Singapore
Shan On Engineering Co. Ltd. Hong Kong, China MRL elevators only and installed under its subsidiary Electra Vitoria.[6][7]


  • Orona elevators installed by third party agents or distributors are often branded by the distributor that installed them instead by Orona, regardless of location. For example, Orona elevators installed by Liftwise in the United Kingdom are branded as "Liftwise" instead.
  • Its domestic competitor is MP (Mac Phuarsa).


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