This page is about Mitsubishi's current hydraulic elevator model. No model name is known, if one exists.


There are passenger, service, and freight models. There are several different models known. The differences between them are unknown, though it could depend on if there is a rear door or no rear door.

  • IDH-S - holed/holeless hydraulic passenger, holed hydraulic service
  • IDH-M - holed/holeless hydraulic passenger
  • IDG-M - holed hydraulic service
  • IDH-H - holeless hydraulic service

The roped hydraulic version is listed in the website but it doesn't branded.


Specifications are not known for telescoping hydraulic. Specifications are mostly unknown for freight models. Some specifications may or may not be accurate.

  • Holed, holeless, or roped hydraulic. Telescoping holeless hydraulic also available, most likely only on custom order.
  • Single slide or center open doors for most passenger models and roped hydraulic service, Single slide doors only for 2100 lbs. capacity, Center open doors only for 4000 lbs. capacity, two speed doors for holed & holeless hydraulic service
  • Serves up to 6 floors for holed hydraulic, serves only 2 floors for holeless hydraulic, serves up to 8 floors for roped hydraulic
  • 50 ft. travel distance for holed hydraulic, 16 ft. travel distance for holeless hydraulic, 98 ft. travel distance for roped hydraulic
  • 100/125/150 fpm speed, 80 fpm available for roped hydraulic only
  • 2100/2500/3000/3500/4000 lbs. capacities for passenger (2100, possibly 4000, and maybe 3000 lbs. capacities not available for roped hydraulic), 4000/4500/5000 lbs. capacities for service, 2000-30000 lbs. capacity for freight

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