For the predecessor model, please refer to Mitsubishi GPM.

The Mitsubishi Series GPM-III was Mitsubishi's conventional gearless traction elevator model for high-rise buildings which was marketed in 1997[1]. It was sold overseas as well as United States. It was most likely a successor of Mitsubishi GPM.

In the United States, GPM-III was made from no later than 2008 until 2018 when it was replaced by Diamond HS.



The Mitsubishi Series GPM-III is a gearless traction elevator. It uses inductor motors with 10% smaller sheave which saves machine room space and controller equipped with Associated Management Logic (AML) VLSI. It is specially designed for two AI (Artificial Intelligence) supervisory systems; AI-21 for two to four cars and AI-2200N for three to eight cars in a group control. There was also a modernization version of this model which is known as GPM-IIIMZ. This model was for modernization of older high-rise Mitsubishi elevators.

GPM-III was succeeded by NexWay High Speed in October 2002[2] which is the current model.

United States

In the United States, it is a gearless high-rise elevator model with Artificial Intelligence (AI) supervisory systems; AI-21 for two to four cars and AI-2100N for three to eight cars in a group. It is also equipped with Data Network Systems. The latest version of GPM-III uses new AI systems; (Sigma)AI-22 for two to four cars and (Sigma)AI-2200C for three to eight cars in a group. It also support DOAS-S as optional feature.

There are two types of traction machines used on this model. One is a worm gear machine (model GPM-3LU) and two is a gearless machine with permanent magnet motor (model GPM-3MU). Worm gear machine is only used on elevators with speeds of 200 and 350 FPM. The gearless machine with permanent magnet motor is only used for elevators with speeds of 400 FPM and higher, as well as capacities of 2500-3500 LBS.

Unlike the overseas version, GPS-IIIMZ (modernization version) was not available in the United States.

The American GPM-III model was discontinued and replaced with the new Diamond HS model in December 2018.



GPM-III elevators complied with Japan, EN81 and Malaysia/Singapore code.

  • VVVF control and Data Network System with multiple microprocessor modules
  • Selective collective, AI-21 or (Sigma)AI-2200 group control system
  • 750-1630 kilograms (or 10-24 persons) capacities
  • 120/150/180/210/240 m/min speeds
  • 48 maximum floors
  • 150 meters of maximum travel
  • 2500 meters of minimum floor height
  • Center, two-panel side opening or four-panel center opening doors
  • Can have two entrances

United States

  • Gearless overhead traction with VVVF inverter
  • 2000/2500/3000/3500/4000/4500/5000 LBS capacities
  • 200/350/400/450/500/700/800 FPM speeds
  • 32 maximum floors for model GPM-3LU and 48 floors for model GPM-3MU
  • 500 feet of maximum travel
  • DOAS-S destination dispatch as optional feature

Notable installations

GPM-III (regular)

  • RDTX Tower, Jakarta, Indonesia (2002)
  • Parkview Square, Singapore (2002)
  • Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2001)
  • One America Plaza, San Diego, CA, United States

GPM-IIIMZ (modernization)

Note: Bold year indicates the original Mitsubishi installation year.

  • Graha Mandiri, Jakarta, Indonesia (1982 / Early 2000s)
  • Wisma Antara, Jakarta, Indonesia (1980 / Early 2000s)
  • Mandarin Orchard Hotel, Singapore (1971 / 2003?)
  • United Square (office tower), Singapore

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