Mueller & Mico Elevator Technology Co., Ltd. (or commonly known as Mico Control and rarely Micolift, Chinese: 米高电梯) is a Chinese elevator and escalator components and accessories company based in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. The company was founded in 1991 and has about 200 employees. It manufactures elevator control systems and components and accessories such as elevator controllers, frequency inverters, fixtures, cabins, etc. It is one of the first elevator component manufacturers in China.


Mueller & Mico was founded in 1991 and was one of the first companies in China specialized in elevator components. In 1995, the company partnered with German-based Micotrol International GmbH to manufacture and distribute Micotrol-branded frequency inverters for elevators. Two years later, the company began developing their own elevator frequency inverters and in 1999 the company successfully launched their own frequency inverters and microprocessor-based elevator car operating panels to the market.

In 2010, Mueller & Mico established Guangdong Speedy Elevator Co. Ltd., an elevator company based in Guangdong province.


For the elevator fixtures made by this company, Please refer to List of Mico elevator fixtures.

Currently, Mueller & Mico has eight products which are classified under two segments; Elevator Control Systems and Lift Components. The Elevator Control System segment consists of microprocessor controllers for elevators and escalators, elevator communication boards and frequency inverters, while the Lift Components segments consists of elevator cabins, fixtures (hall and car operating panels), floor indicator displays, elevator ceilings and elevator buttons.

Usage in other countries

Besides Mainland China, products made by Mueller & Mico have been used by various elevator companies (mainly third-party ones) in other countries. For example, in Indonesia, Mico products have been widely used by two local elevator companies; PT. Indoraya Nusantara Djaya (Lines) and CV. Etika Sejahtera (Delta Lift)[1] since around the mid 2000's. These companies have been using them a lot for new installations but they have also use them for modernizations, although rare. Other local companies that are known to use Mico products are PT. Chitek Indolift Utama (Chitek Elevator) and PT. Koppelindo Elevators (under their brand name Cremona[2]).

Mico products are also quite common in Macau, of which most of them have been used for modernizations. A Macanese elevator company called Son Vo Elevator Engineering Co. Ltd. is known for using Mico products in Macau a lot for modernizations of older elevators. In addition, Son Vo is also a distributor of Speedy Elevator in the region.

In Hong Kong, at least two local elevator companies are known to use Mico components for modernizations in Kowloon. Even both Kone and Otis also used Mico fixtures for elevator replacement in Hong Kong Island.

Notable installations


  • Macao Central, Macau (2017)[3]
  • Hotel Beverly Plaza, Macau
  • Edificio China Plaza, Macau
  • Chiu Tat Factory Building, San Po Kong, Hong Kong (2012, installed by Vertex Engineering)[4]
  • Luen Hing Building (Sai Yeung Choi Street South), Mong Kok, Hong Kong (2013, installed by Hoi Fai Lift Engineering)[5]
  • Metropole Buildings, North Point, Hong Kong (2008 (Lift 6, installed by Kone[6]), 2009 (Lift 5, installed by Otis[7]))[8]
  • Paul Yee Mansion, Wan Chai, Hong Kong (2014, installed by Hoi Fai Lift Engineering)


Almost all of the locations listed below were installed by Lines.


  • Panin Life Center
  • Film Building, Jl. MT. Haryono
  • Menteng Square
  • Hotel Santika Taman Mini Indonesia Indah
  • Kedai Kopi Aceh, Meruya
  • Carolus Hospital (modernization from 1990's Otis bed elevators)
  • Mpu Tantular University (modernized from 1990's GoldStar elevators)
  • Nyi Ageng Serang Building, Kuningan
  • Central Restaurant, Tomang[9]
  • Sarinah Building (tower main elevators) (modernized in 2017 by Louser Lift)
  • HWI Lindeteves (modernized from 1991 GoldStar elevators)[10]


  • Kuta Town House Apartments (2008)
  • Everyday Smart Hotel Kuta
  • L Hotels & Resort Seminyak (2011)
  • Prama Sanur Beach Hotel (service elevator only)
  • Hilton Resort Bali (formerly Grand Nikko Bali) (modernizations)
  • Grand Mega Resort (2011)[11]
  • Mega Boutique Hotel (2013)[11]

Other cities

  • University of Indonesia - Faculty of Law, Depok
  • Bekasi Cyber Park, Bekasi
  • Kampoeng Brasco Fashion Outlet, Cianjur[9]
  • Hotel Zodiak @ Pasirkaliki, Bandung
  • Hotel Dafam Fortuna Malioboro, Yogyakarta (2015)[11]
  • Malioboro Palace Hotel, Yogyakarta (2010)
  • Parahita Dharmawangsa Clinic, Surabaya
  • Empire Palace, Surabaya

Other countries

  • Royal President Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand (modernization by LiSA Thailand)


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