MP (MacPuarsa) Lifts is a Spanish elevator company based in Seville, Spain.


The history of MP Lifts can be traced back to 1970 when founder Valentín de Madariaga Oya founded Mechanismos y Accesorios S.A. (MAC) as a manufacturer of mechanical elevator parts. In November 1994, MAC bought Puertas Aragón S.A. (known as Puarsa), an elevator manufacturer. Three years later both companies merged and became Mac Phuarsa S.A.

List of models


  • MP GO! Evolution: Machine room less passenger elevator.
  • MP GO! C: Passenger elevator with a machine room.
  • MP GO! Flex: Machine room less for existing buildings built without an elevator and/or replacement of hydraulic elevators.
  • MP Mega: Heavy duty freight elevators. There are two series; Mega C which has a machine room and Mega S which is machine room less.
  • MP H: Hydraulic passenger elevator.
  • MP V: Passenger elevator with a machine room.
  • MP Mobi: Machine room less residential/home elevator.

Escalators and moving walks

  • Colina: Escalator designed for medium to high traffic.
  • Sierra: Escalator designed for very high traffic.
  • Pont: Moving walkway

Elevator fixtures

Main article: List of MP elevator fixtures

Notable installations


  • IKEA, Jerez de la Frontera, Spain
  • Metropol-Parasol de la Encarnación "Las Setas", Seville, Spain

United Kingdom


  • Sarona Shopping Park, Tel Aviv
  • Tommy Hilfiger - Sarona Shopping Park, Tel Aviv
  • Building 118, 202 and 204 at Sarona, Tel Aviv (installed by Cohen)
  • Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv (installed by Cohen)

Other countries

  • Le Tour Du Monde Restaurant, Brest, France (installed by ARVOR)
  • Mango Department Store - Galleries Lafayette Mall, Paris, France (installed by SDSA)
  • vanHaren, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Groene Hart Hospital, Gouda, Netherlands (installed by Axiom)
  • K1 Shopping Center, Tromsø, Norway (installed by StarLift)
  • H&M - Bryggen Shopping Center, Vejle, Denmark (installed by PH Elevator)
  • IKEA, Umeå, Sweden
  • Telia Comapny Headquarters, Solna, Sweden (Installed by ManKan Hiss - LiftExpress Destination Dispatch)
  • Royal Beach Mall, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
  • Mari Shopping Center, Mar'ino, Moscow, Russia
  • Volzhsky Shopping Center, Moscow, Russia
  • Flying Tiger, St. Lucia's Street, Valletta, Malta
  • Peacocks, Republic Street, Valletta, Malta
  • 110 George St, Hornsby, Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • 540 Little Bourke St, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
  • The Boulevarde Overpass, Strathfield, NSW, Australia
  • Hotel Palacio O'Farrill, Havana, Cuba
  • PT. Tamiang Multi Trada Head Office, Jakarta, Indonesia (installed and branded as Tamiang)
  • Chic Quarter Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Vincentius a Paulo (RKZ) Hospital, Surabaya, Indonesia (2017, replacement from 1980s Thyssen elevators)
  • Tenggara Teguh Sdn. Bhd., 183 Jalan Lancang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (branded as Dover, not to be confused with Dover Corp.)
  • IKEA Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • National Museum of Natural History, Manila, Philippines (360-degree lift)
  • Anjos Mundilar, Praia, Cape Verde
  • Mercado Municipal da Praia (Municipal Market), Praia, Cape Verde

Overseas distributors

Current distributors

Company name Country Remarks
Arvor Ascenseurs France Merged with MP in 2016
and became MP Arvor.
Ascenseur Service France
Axiom Netherlands
Builtec Corporation Lebanon
Cohen Elevators Ltd. Israel
Dover Elevators (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia
Elevator Company, Lda. Cape Verde
General Lifts Ltd. Malta Based in Gozo
Groffe Elevator Services Ltd. Malta
Hiss i Skåne AB Sweden Scania only
Infinity Lifts Ltd. Ireland
ManKan Hiss AB Sweden Stockholm only
Nasco Trading LLC United Arab Emirates
PH Elevators Denmark
Pickerings Lifts Ltd. United Kingdom [1]
PT. Marico Gria Indonesia
PT. Tamiang Multi Trada Indonesia [2][3]
SDSA France
StarLift AS Norway
Titan International Ltd. Malta

Former distributors

Company name Country Remarks
Topserv Lifts Ltd. Malta Now handled by Groffe Elevators and Titan International.


  • In some parts of Spain, MP elevators are distributed by Embarba Lifts and LAGI.
  • MP elevators installed by third party agents or distributors usually bears the logo or name of the installer on the button panels, regardless of location. Some installations may also have both MP's and the installer's logo. For example, in the United Kingdom, MP elevators installed by Pickerings Lifts and Stannah Lifts have Pickerings's and Stannah's logo respectively.
  • Possibly in the 1990s, Mecanismos y Accesorios (the predecessor of MP Lifts) made push buttons for Cenia Ascensores (and also Thyssen) as their B12 series[4][5]. MP's Compact series buttons are based on those buttons.
  • Its domestic competitor is Orona.

Notes and references

  1. MP elevators installed by Pickerings Lifts in the UK are branded as Pickerings Lifts.
  2. For MP elevators installed in Indonesia by PT. Tamiang Multi Trada, they are often branded as TAMIANG.
  3. Tamiang Elevator Facebook post
  4. Pulsador Thyssen Cenia B12 Flecha Subir - Multilifts
  5. Pulsador Cenia Braille Enchufable FLC Sub/Baj - Multilifts

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