This is a list of different fixtures made by Tung Da Electric, a Taiwanese third-party elevator components manufacturer.


The first two letter digit refers to the type of button. The first digit can be P or T; P refers to push button while T refers to touch sensitive button. The second digit, B, means "button".


  • PB66 R142C: Acrylic button with a raised numbering and lights up entirely when pressed.
  • PB66 R141: Acrylic button with an insert label and lights up entirely when pressed.
  • PB12 R0322T: Black button with a white tactile and illuminating halo.
  • PB12 R546: Black button made of PVC with braille and an illuminating character and halo.
  • PB11 R646: Metal buttons with braille and illuminating halo and legend. It resembles Dewhurst US90-15 buttons.
  • PB12 R442: Black button with a polyster plate. Both the halo and character lights up when pressed.
  • PB12 R542: Black PVC button with an illuminating character and halo.
  • PB12 R142: Transparent acrylic button which lights up entirely when pressed.
  • PB12 R542C: Black PVC button with illuminating tactile and halo.
  • PB13 R645: Metal button with an illuminating halo and character.
    • TB11 R645: Touch sensitive version.
  • PB17 R1491: Black button with titanium plate, silver frame and illuminating character.
  • PB6 R111: An imitation of one of Hitachi's 1980s-1990s push buttons.
  • PB5 R125: White translucent button with a black halo and illuminating character.
  • PB10 R125: Similar to PB5 R125, but with a white halo instead.
  • PB7 R615: Square button with a set of six LED illumination lines above the button.
  • PB11 R745: Metal button with sand based finishing, as well as an illuminating halo and character.
  • B11 R845: Polished metal button with illuminating halo and character.
  • PB17 R1421: White acrylic button with a silver frame, and lights up entirely when pressed.
  • PB11 R945: Metal button with black titanium finishing, as well as illuminating halo and character.
  • Unknown series: Translucent button with possibly an insert label, and the halo lights up when pressed.


  • PB60B735: Flushed metallic button with illuminating halo and character.
  • PB15 R745: Round button with sand based finishing and illuminating character.
  • PB18 R745: Similar to PB15 R745, but with a plastic frame instead. The halo lights up when pressed.
  • PB28 B311: Round metallic button with braille and illuminating halo and character.
  • PB3 R111: An imitation of Otis's 1980s-1990s "Asian Lexan" push buttons.
  • PB9 R125: Acrylic button with white frame and an illuminating character.
  • TB88 R112: Touch sensitive button with an illuminating halo.
  • PB62 series: A series of round buttons with an attached braille plate, similar to Otis's concave buttons used in the Asia Pacific region.
    • PB62 R615B: Flat button
    • PB62 R615C: Convex (domed) button
    • PB62 R615A: Concave button

Other components

  • PB11EL-1: Key switch
  • PB11EL: Key switch
  • PB11ESTOP-1: Stop switch, flip type
  • GPB12: Emergency light

Floor indicators

The segmented and dot matrix floor indicators uses LEDs.

Seven segments indicators

  • B010210A: Single digit
  • B020210A: Single digit
  • B010220A: Double digit, "B8" segments type
  • B020230A: Double digit, "B8" segments type
  • B010060-1A: Single digit, "R8" segments type
  • B010220-1A: Double digit, "R8" segments type
  • B020230-1A: Double digit, "R8" segments type

16-segment indicators

  • BZ-BD-C215-3: Single digit
  • BZ-BD-C215-2: Single digit
  • B020240-2A: Double digit

Dot matrix indicators

  • B012320: Vertical 5x7
  • B022220: Horizontal 5x7
  • B312312: Vertical 7x11
  • B322212: Horizontal 7x11
  • B312023: Vertical 16x16
  • B322023: Horizontal 16x16
  • B312022: Vertical 16x24
  • B322022: Horizontal 16x24

LCD indicators

  • B3LCD03
  • B3LCD4.3
  • B3LCD07
  • B3LCD10
  • B3LCD1
  • B3LCD2
  • B3LCD3
  • B3LCD6
  • B3LCD7
  • B3LCD14
  • B3LCD15
  • B3LCD17
  • B3LCD18

Multimedia (LCD) indicator

  • B3LCD13”: 8" color TFT LCD display.

Hall and car station panels

  • Modular Type: Dark grey colored surface mounted panel with aluminium frame on the sides.
  • Folded End Type: Stainless steel surface mounted panel.
  • Aluminium Strips Type: Stainless steel surface mounted panel with aluminium frame on the sides.
  • Flat Type: Stainless steel flush mounted panel.
  • Home Lift Panel: Hall and car stations for home elevators with different shapes and designs. Only certain buttons can be used on these panels.


  • In Hong Kong, Tung Da fixtures were widely used by Shan On Engineering Co. Ltd. for modernization of old 1960s-1970s Sabiem elevators from the 2000s until the late 2010s. Shan On was a distributor of Sabiem elevators in Hong Kong.
  • The PB13 R645 square push buttons are also used in some Garaventa LULA (Limited Use Limited Application) elevators in North America[1][2].
  • Tung Da's PB12 R546 series push buttons are usually used by 9G Elevator in Singapore for both new installation and modernization. They are also used in modernization of elevators in HDB public housing blocks, usually in older Dong Yang elevators.
  • Tung Da fixtures are also used by another Singaporean elevator company Gylet.

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