This is a list of elevator fixtures that are made by Sodimas Ascenseurs, a French elevator manufacturer and components supplier.

Before 2000s

Sodimas didn't made their fixtures before 2005. They used Starret (old DMG's name), then DMG BF fixtures.

Since 2005 to 2009, they used their first own fixtures. Sodimas Virgule.

2010s? to current (BlueStyle)

Sodimas currently makes their BlueStyle fixtures lines for new installations and modernization. These fixtures have blue illumination. It is unknown when Sodimas launched their BlueStyle fixtures.


There are five types of buttons used in the BlueStyle fixtures, they are Evolya, Cyntra, Cyntra IPS4, Cyntra XL and Slyma.


These are round stainless steel buttons with an illuminating halo and a black button plate attached to the button, similar to Otis's Series 2, Newer Series 2, Series 4 and Series 5 buttons in North America. Sodimas makes two versions of buttons for this series; one is the Angel button (standard) which is a convex button and the second one is the Demon button which is a vandal resistant button with a dot lamp in the middle. They can be silver or gold polished.


These are round buttons which are similar to the Evolya standard "Angel" buttons except that these ones have an illuminating tactile legend.

Cyntra IPS4

These are round stainles steel buttons with a tactile and braille. They are exclusive to the Sodimas IPS4 range operating panels.

Cyntra XL

These are basically the bigger version of the Cyntra buttons with bigger tactile legend. They are exclusive to the Sodimas XL range operating panels.


These buttons are similar to the Cyntra IPS4 series but they are smaller.

Floor indicators

Sodimas makes floor indicators with LED dot matrix and TFT LCD display.

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