This is a list of Orona (or Electra Vitoria) elevator fixtures.

1967 to 1970's

Sabiem fixtures

Orona began manufacturing elevators in 1967 under license agreement with Sabiem. As the result, the elevators featured Sabiem's design and fixtures, which consists of non-illuminating black buttons and analogue display floor indicators with green and sometimes red displays. They were branded as "Orona Sabiem"[1]. This lasted until 1975 when the license expired and Orona started making elevators under their own brand.

1980's to 1990's

These are the fixtures used in older Orona elevators prior to 2000's. 1980's Orona elevators had black square buttons with a yellow illuminating halo and a digital floor indicator. The hall station button simply illuminates white.

1990's Orona elevators had black square buttons with a white ring on the center, floor numbering on the side and had no illuminating halo. The hall station buttons had a small red lamp on the side. Floor indicators were digital segments.



OR96[2] was the series name of button fixtures produced by Orona and was used from the early 2000s until around the late 2000s. These fixtures consists of oval shaped buttons with either a small red dot LED, or alternatively a red illuminating halo. Floor indicators were mostly digital segments or LED dot matrix, but there were also grey LCD displays that look similar to some early Schindler D-Line LCD floor indicators.

Generic fixtures

Electra Vitoria elevators installed in Hong Kong, China uses Everbright buttons. Dewhurst buttons were also used but quite rare.

Late 2000's to 2014

Arca II

Arca II[3] was the series of buttons used by Orona from the late 2000s until 2014. They were a successor of the OR96 series. The buttons are oval shaped with a red lamp in the middle. For the hall station buttons, they are rounded triangular that resembles Schindler HT Standard buttons in North America. Floor indicators are either LED dot matrix or digital segments displays.

Generic fixtures

Electra Vitoria elevators installed in Hong Kong, China are still using Everbright buttons. Dewhurst buttons were also used but quite rare.

2014 to current

In 2014, Orona launched its brand new design. It features round, silver buttons, with a green halo. The floor indicators are either green LED dot-matrix, 7-segment or LCD screens.

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