This is a list of different elevator fixtures that have been made by Foshan Mueller & Mico Elevator Technology Co., Ltd., also known as Mico Control.

Assorted Mico Control buttons

An assortment of push buttons made by Mico Control being displayed in an elevator exhibition.



This is a gold coloured rectangle buttons with illuminating number/symbol and halo.


This is a stainless steel rectangle buttons with illuminating number/symbol and halo.


This button is similar to MC-NPXB-S except that it has braille marks and illuminating tactile legend like Dewhurst.


This is a square button made of stainless steel with illuminating number/symbol and halo.


This is a round, domed gold coloured button with illuminating number/symbol and halo. There are two different versions of this button; one is the regular one with a domed button and the other one is ultra thin with a flat button.


This button looks very similar to the MC-D2S-1 series except that it is ultra thin.


Similar to the MC-D2S-1 and MC-D2K-T series except that it has an oval shaped metallic frame instead of round.

MC-AK-18 (Ultra Thin)

This button resembles Otis's concave buttons with the braille/tactile plate attached on it, except that the push button itself is flat.


This is a round button made of stainless steel button with illuminating number/symbol and halo.


This button looks similar to the MC-ARI-P except that it has thinner frame.


A lot similar to MC-ARI-A-1 except that it has a slightly thicker illuminating halo and an illuminating tactile legend.


Similar to MC-BCT-2 except that it has a much thinner illuminating halo.


This is a square button made of either plastic or stainless steel with braille marks, and an illuminating halo and tactile legend.

Floor indicators

Mico Control makes three different types of floor indicators, they are color LCD, serial dot matrix and parallel dot matrix displays. They also makes simple digital segments LED display which falls under the parallel dot matrix display segment.

Hall and car stations

Mico Control makes eight different styles of hall and car stations, known as MC-01 to -08. The first two digit stands for "Mico Control" while the last two digits being the series number. For car stations, there is a "C" character in between "MC-" and the last two digit numbers. For example, MC-C01 is a car operating panel which is part of the MC-01 series. For hall stations, it follows the same format as the car station version except that the character "C" is replaced with "H" (e.g. MC-H01 is a hall operating panel which is part of the MC-01 series).

Some hall stations series have an "a" or "b" suffix added after the two digit series number; this suffix is to denote either a call station (without a floor indicator) or a hall station with two floor indicators. For examples, MC-H01a is a hall station with only a single floor indicator while MC-H02b comes with two floor indicators, MC-H07a is a call station without a floor indicator, etc.

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