This is a list of elevator fixtures used by Mashiba, a Malaysian elevator company.

Late 2000s? to 2010s

Silver buttons

These buttons are based on Toshiba's vandal resistant buttons that were used in the 1990s and 2000s. They lights up red when pressed, except for the up call button which lights up green.

Jinlix buttons

Mashiba often use Jinlix BT-2/3/4 BT-33Z series buttons from Taiwan, or different third party (generic) buttons made by a different company[1][2]. The Jinlix buttons are usually used for side mounted car stations for wheelchair users.

Floor indicators

Mashiba uses LED dot matrix display for the floor indicators. These indicators have an arrow in the shape of a triangle which scrolls when the car is moving and flashes when the car stops with the doors opening and closing. These indicators are also capable of displaying special messages in a form of marquee (sideway scrolling) text, such as "FULL" (over load), "OUT OF SERVICE", "INDEPENDENT" (for Independent Service Mode), etc.[3][4][5] It is unknown if the same thing also applies for the interior floor indicator.

2010s to current

Hunter (generic) buttons

A lot of new Mashiba elevators nowadays uses push buttons made by Nantong Hunter Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. (or simply known as Hunter) of China. Most installations uses the HB218 series buttons, but some installations uses HB165 series buttons.

Floor indicator

It is unknown if these LED dot matrix floor indicators are made by Mashiba themselves or by Hunter. These indicators have a different LED pattern compared to the previous indicator.

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