This is a list of LiSA elevator fixtures.



These are the button series LiSA currently makes. The buttons are square and round that comes with different sizes; the last two digit number is the size. They have illuminating halo and tactile legend.

  • Q32: 32x32 mm square button.
  • Q40: 40x40 mm square button.
  • Q50: 50x50 mm square button. It has a braille mark above the tactile legend.
  • R32: 32x32 mm round button.
  • R40: 40x40 mm round button.
  • R50: 50x50 mm round button. There are versions that comes with a 20 mm and 30 mm tactile legend (both comes with braille mark above the tactile).


The DR series buttons consists of five series. These buttons might have been discontinued.

  • DR1 - square button with illuminating halo, tactile legend, and size of 44x32 mm.
  • DR2 - square button with illuminating halo and size of 50x50 mm. It has a larger and bolder tactile legend.
  • DR3 - smaller round button with illuminating halo, tactile legend, and a diameter size of 32 mm.
  • DR8 - similar to but larger than DR3. It has larger and bolder tactile legend. The diameter size is 50 mm.
  • DR9 - similar but smaller than DR2 and has smaller tactile legend. It has a size of 32x32 mm.

DR2D (Design)

These are projecting special buttons that are finished with grey or black surface and tactile legend. There are also buttons with direction indicators, customized logo, customized label, hidden legends, and even keyswitch.

LED floor indicators

LiSA make LED floor indicators that resembles Schindler D-Line car floor indicator and Kone KDS 300 hall station indicator. They have scrolling arrows, and these arrows flashes when the doors are opening and closing. They also have a choice of different colors.

LCD floor indicators

These TFT LCD floor indicators are powered by LiSA's LISY program which can be installed in computers with Windows operating system.


These are simple LCD displays with a black background.


These are large LCD floor indicator displays with custom background and floor guide.


These are similar to LISY5 but features a floor directory with multiple floor guides.

Car operating panels

LiSA currently makes SAMI car and landing stations, which can be flushed mounted, surface mounted, hinged, glass or plastic.

They also made special illuminating glass car operating panels with touch sensitive buttons that resembles Schindler FI GL 100 Line panels. It is unknown if these panels are still being made today.

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