This is a list of fixtures that are used by Kleemann.

2000s to present



These are rounded square buttons with illuminating halo, a thick frame and tactile legend. These buttons comes in either satin/stainless steel or mirror.


These are round buttons with tactile, braille marks, illuminating halo and a thick frame.


This is a round black button on a square base and has an arc "fishtail" below the button.

Schaefer RT 42

These buttons are made by Schaefer.

Schaefer MT 42

These are square buttons made by Schaefer.


These are mirror square buttons with illuminating halo, black frame, and a braille and tactile legend. These buttons appears to be made by Schaefer.


These are square buttons with illuminating halo, a thin black frame, and both braille and tactile legend. They comes in either satin/stainless steel or polycarbonate.


These are square buttons made by LiSA, the same company that also provides LED dot matrix displays for Kleemann.


These buttons are made by Shanghai STEP and often used in few Kleemann elevators in Europe. They are round white buttons with oval-shaped frame, illuminating halo and tactile legend. Kleemann refers these buttons on their parts catalogue as the BA54K series.


These are square push buttons, that comes with an illuminating symbol and a blue illuminating square.


These are round buttons with a similar feature as the KLH-42Q buttons (see above).

Lester Controls

Some more recent Klemann Elevators in the UK have used Lester Controls buttons.

Floor indicators

Kleemann mostly use LED indicators (either dot matrix or segmented display), but sometimes they also use blue LCD indicators.

LiSA dot matrix indicators

These LED indicators are supplied by LiSA.

Other LED dot matrix indicators

Segmented indicators

To be added.

LCD indicators

To be added.

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