This is a list of elevator fixtures made by Kinds Elteknik AB (formerly known as Kinds Hisselektronik & Data AB). Kinds made elevator controllers, fixtures and floor indicators. They were the largest Swedish elevator parts supplier in 2000, but they have since been surpassed by other suppliers. They supplies their parts to generic companies in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Square fixtures

These are square shaped buttons and illuminate in red or green. They came in many different variants but black or metallic shape were the most common ones. They were like a bigger variant of the Kone M fixtures line. It was discontinued in around 2011.


KI-BIT was introduced in ca. 2009. They are barrel shaped buttons which look a bit like Kone M and Dewhurst US89 fixtures overall. It seems to be discontinued and Kinds have not replaced it with anything else.

Floor indicators

List of elevator fixtures by manufacturers

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