This is a list of fixtures made by Hissmekano AB and its Lativan subsidiary. Hissmekano are well known to make spare parts and also a reseller of other spare parts. If spare parts are no longer avaiable, Hissmekano will manufacture those spare parts to prolong an elevator's life. Most of the time however, most parts are being replaced by generic components, most commonly made from Hissmekano.


One of the oldest fixture line, these have been available n numerous variants over the years. The earliest examples might be from the 1940s.


A larger variant of HM15. They are similar to Rafi's fixtures variation but are larger. They mostly have an indicator in the middle.


Introduced in the 1990s, HM2535 has been made in numerous variants. The guts of these fixtures are similar to Kone M buttons.


The 2535-S series was introduced in the mid 2000s to replace the HM2535 series. Older generic elevators sometimes have a combination of these fixtures when new spare parts were needed. It has two variants, a blank variant with or without engraved numbers, and a newer tactile variants to comply with the EN-71 standards introduced in the late 2000s.


Not to be confused with DMG.

These are rounded fixtures with circular indicators.

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