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This is a list of Haushahn elevator fixtures. Haushahn has used different fixtures over the time, most of them were manufactured on their own but sometimes they used generic buttons made by Schaefer.

1920s to 1940s



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1950s to 1970s


In the 1950s, Haushahn introduces black buttons without illuminating lamp. The hall station had a round red lamp above the call button.


In the 1960s, the fixtures were round plastic buttons with lamp.


These fixtures have round plastic buttons which will lights up when pressed. Some elevators have the generic "Schaefer" buttons.

1980s to 1990s


Haushahn introduced modular style fixtures in the early 1980s. These fixtures were very common until in the late 1990s. First with the buttons used in 1970s and later with Schaefer's MT 28 buttons. The Module fixtures were available in black and grey colored faceplates. Floor indicators were mostly LED dot-matrix but some elevators had LCD display floor indicators.

Schaefer MT 28 buttons

Some Haushahn elevators in Germany and overseas also used Schaefer's MT 28 RLR round buttons with an engraved lettering and illuminating halo. For the floor indicators, they usually used Schaefer's two or three digit LED dot matrix display.

2000s to present


Some older Haushahn elevators made after the company was sold to Schindler use Schindler's FI MXB. It is unknown if the vandal resistant variant, FI MXV, was also used by Haushahn.


These are basically the same as the one used in the Schindler 3100, 3300, 6200 and 6300 elevators. Haushahn's version of FIGS is used on the Haushahn lifeLine, lifeLine MOD, lifeEdition and flexLine MOD elevators. There is also another version of FIGS with a black glass display and uses either the standard LED dot matrix or a TFT LCD display - this version is only used in lifeLine, lifeLine MOD and flexLine MOD models.

Linea series

These are the same as the one used in the Schindler 5500 elevators. Haushahn's version of Linea fixtures is currently used on the Haushahn designLine, designLine MOD and maxxLine elevators.[1]

Linea 100

Linea 300

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Linea Vetro

Schaefer fixtures

Haushahn still use Schaefer fixtures on some of their elevators even after the acquisition, but not as often as it used to be back in the 1980s and 1990s.

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