This is a list of Haughton as well as Schindler Haughton elevator fixtures.

Black Buttons

A lot of early elevator companies made black buttons. Haughton made 2 types of black buttons. One type was for hall stations only, and had large buttons with rounded edges. The other type is small black buttons, and square edges. The name of this fixture line is unknown. Note that all Haughton fixture line names, except for M-Series, are only for the buttons.

Type E

These fixtures have small buttons with grooved sides and concave surface. Note that Type E, and any Haughton fixture line name excluding M-Series is referring to only the buttons. Haughton lanterns/indicators have only part numbers.

Type F

Type F fixtures protrude from the panel. The buttons have a rounded surface.

Type H

Type H fixtures are flush with the panel and have white round buttons. Schindler Haughton Type H panels were a little different from Haughton's L-Series panels.

Type L

These fixtures protrude from the panel, and the buttons have a flat surface. This was Haughton's luxury button, and is California Compliant.

Vandal resistant

The vandal resistant fixtures looked a lot like the regular H-Series but the number in the middle lights up with a metal background. These buttons are very rare and have been only seen in the Schindler Haughton style panel. It is unknown if Haughton made these but Schindler Haughton have made these.


Haughton lanterns/indicators have no model name, only part numbers. Haughton made two types of lanterns. One is a normal arrow, and the other is a narrow, tall arrow. Haughton made two types of indicators. One is numbers cut into a metal plate with light bulbs behind, and the other looks very similar to Haughton Type H buttons.

Arrow call buttons

Not much is know about these call buttons other then they were made by Haughton and they would light up green for up and red for down.

Rotodial indicator

Haughton made rotodial indicators, similar to some Otis rotodial indicators. These indicators are for hall stations only.

IEE style indicator

Haughton made an indicator like Otis's IEE indicator. This indicator has yellow numbers that light up showing the floor that the elevator is on.

LCD floor Indicator

Schindler Haughton used a floor indicator that was LCD. Schindler Haughton's LCD floor indicators came in a dark blue/dark purple and brown. The brown indicator sometimes looked purple on camera.


Further Information: Schindler Elevator Fixtures Guide (M-Line sections)

Also known as M-Line for later European and Asian Schindler elevators. There are two types; one is a touch-sensitive and one is a push button type. M-Series are founded in some Schindler Haughton elevators installed in 1980s (before ASME A17.1 started).

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