This is a list of elevator fixtures that are made by Guangri. Note that the majority of the fixtures listed in this page are from Hitachi, as Guangri had a technical agreement with Hitachi.

1980s to 1990s

These fixtures are the same as the ones used by Hitachi in the early 1990s, with square buttons that light up when pressed. The fixtures used in 1980s Guangri elevators are basically the exact same Hitachi set but with a different branding (in this case, Guangri), while the fixtures used in 1990s Guangri elevators had a slightly different appearance. By the 1990s, a digital floor indicator became available.

2000s to 2010s

These fixtures consist of Hitachi's B95 series buttons and floor indicators with orange LED dot matrix display. Some elevators could have different indicators, featuring Shanghai STEP SM-04-HSC series LED display.

Current (since the mid 2010s)

These fixtures have several different types of buttons, with one of them is a gold colored round button with white illuminating number and symbol. Guangri still makes the Hitachi B95 series buttons. The floor indicators remains the same, continuing to use LED dot matrix display. Some later installations can also use LCD indicators.

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