This is a guide to the different fixtures that have been made by GAL.


Larger black buttons

These buttons are round black buttons that do not light up.

Smaller black buttons

These buttons are round black buttons that do not light up.

Dome-shaped black buttons

These buttons are round dome-shaped black buttons that do not light up.

Large white buttons

These buttons are large white buttons that have no ring around them, and light up.


1950s GAL indicators consist of a panel with numbers cut in it, with light bulbs behind the numbers, like most indicators of the time. It is possible that indicators were not originally options. It is unknown if lanterns were an option.


There are 2 types of panels. Jet Plus (basic fixtures shipped within 4 weeks), and B-Series (custom fixtures). Different buttons can be mounted on these panels.


There are 3 types of GAL JetPlus fixtures currently made.

  • RBW (white button, black ring)
  • RWB (black button, white ring)
  • RWW (white button, white ring)

There is also a very rare older variation, most likely discontinued in the 1980s, with an unknown name. It is similar to RBW, but has a different font, and a black ring on the button.

Square/round plastic buttons

There are 3 types of round plastic buttons made.

  • SBW (white button, black ring)
  • SWB (black button, white ring)
  • SWW (white button, white ring)


This is a vandal resistant button.


This is a vandal resistant button.

Vandal resistant buttons with halo

There are 3 types of vandal resistant buttons with halo made.

  • VPB (black halo, with black center light)
  • VPW (white halo, with no center light)
  • VPWI (white halo, with white center light)


This is a square metal button.


There are 5 RAS-# buttons.

  • RAS-1
  • RAS-2
  • RAS-3
  • RAS-4
  • RAS-5

These are round metal buttons, with GAL Spectral-Lites, allowing them to light up any color, and for it to be easily changeable without replacing LEDs.


The lanterns can be on vertical, or horizontal panels. The indicators are white lights with numbers on them, usually on a separate, horizontal panel. In some cases, they can be on the same panel as lanterns.

Custom fixtures

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