This is a list of elevator fixtures that have been made and used by Express Lifts of Northampton, England.

Express Lifts have nearly always used oval or 'obround' shaped buttons and this became something of a trademark of the company. The National Lift Tower in Northampton built by the company in the early 1980s was designed with tiny lozenge shaped windows as a homage to their famous button design.


Series 1

These are black oval buttons with label in the middle and do not light up when pressed. The call station has a green "LIFT COMING" lamp which is shaped like the buttons.

Floor indicators

Express Lift Series 1 buttons would also work as illuminating lamps for floor position indicators for most elevators installed in the 1960s. These lamps have green illuminating numbers.


Series 1

In the 1970s, Express updated these buttons with different labeling, but they still didn't light up when pressed except for the landing call stations.

Vandal resistant (anti vandal) buttons (Series 3)

This are grey obround buttons with two red lights on both sides.

Analogue floor indicators

In the 1970s, Express Lift used floor counters with illuminating numbers and arrows that resembles an Otis display. In most cases, the arrows on the hall indicators are in between the numbers. There were also car lanterns installed on the back wall of the elevator wall.

IEE indicator

IEE indicators in Express Lift elevators would work exactly the same as Otis's IEE indicators. IEE indicators on Express Lift have rectangular glass display with illuminating numbers located behind the glass display. These indicators are extremely rare.


Series 2

These buttons are made of plexiglass and would light up by conventional bulb.

Square buttons

These are square buttons that were a similar design to the obround buttons.

Floor indicators

Express still used the same 1970 analogue indicators in the 1980s. By the mid 1980s, a digital indicator with segmented or LED dot matrix display began appearing.


The final design used by the company in the late 1980s to late 1990s, still kept their trademark obround shaped buttons but now flush fitting with a red illuminating bar under the number or letter. These buttons could be metal or transparent plastic.

Floor indicators

By the 1990s, Express used either segmented or LED dot matrix display for the floor indicators, again the window of the display was often obround shaped in Express tradition!

Third party/generic fixtures

Dewhurst fixtures

Some 1980s and 1990s Express elevators installed in Hong Kong used Dewhurst fixtures[1][2], with US81 push buttons. Elevators installed in Public Housing Estate blocks also used Dewhurst fixtures, with either US81 or US90-15 buttons and UL200 Hidden Legends for analogue indicators.

In Singapore, Express elevators installed in public housing blocks built by the Housing and Development Board (HDB) between 1994 and 1996 also used Dewhurst fixtures, with US100 (vandal resistant) buttons and ULS47H LED floor indicators[3]. However, some high-rise installations found in Toa Payoh used different buttons which were not made by Dewhurst.[4]

Other fixtures

In New Zealand, there are two Express Lift installation having Adams Designer/Epco WN Signature buttons. One is at The Warehouse in Tory Street, Wellington[5], and the other one is at Prime Restaurant in Queenstown.[6]


  • In the United Kingdom, it was possible for the 1970s vandal-resistant buttons to be mounted on a 1970s Bennie Lifts car operating panel.

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