This article is about a list of fixtures that have been made and used by defunct Brazilian elevator company Elevadores Atlas. For the fixtures from Atlas Elevator Co. (Northern California), refer to this page.

This is a list of known elevator fixtures that have been made and used by Elevadores Atlas, a defunct elevator company from Brazil. Note that a few of these fixtures look very similar to Westinghouse's elevator fixtures in the United States due to the fact that both companies had a license agreement in the past.


In the 1940s, Atlas used round black buttons with slightly raised halo/frame. These buttons do not have lamp.


Black buttons

These are small, non-illuminating black buttons with the floor number printed on them. They look very similar to Westinghouse's 1950s black buttons in the United States.

Small white buttons

These buttons look very similar to Westinghouse's 1950s-1960s white buttons that protrudes from the panel and have black font on them.

Transparent buttons

These buttons are transparent, have black font on them and would light up in orange when pressed.

Touch sensitive buttons

These buttons are side wedged, with a round touch plate in the middle and a square illuminating halo, usually orange.

Analogue floor indicators

In the 1960s, Atlas used analogue floor indicators, with small Westinghouse-like numbers cut into the panel and would light up. The numbers go horizontally, from left to right.


Classe A

These are round white buttons with black lettering and symbols on them, resembling Dewhurst's US92/ERM's CA-92 and Westinghouse's AE and RT buttons. There are two versions of these buttons; First Generation, in the early 1980s, that are circular white buttons that would light up in yellow (sometimes orange) and Second Generation, released in the late 1980s, which are the same buttons, but instead of the button, a small red LED above the numbers would light up. Some improvements were mad in the 2nd gen batch, such as the indicator now being a small 7-segments display. The fan and light switches as well as the stop buttons were ditched.

Vandal Resistant Classe A

These are the same buttons as the Classe A 2nd generation, only made in polished steel. They are extremely rare.

Touch Sensitive Classe A (1st generation)

In the 1970s or 1980s, Atlas updated their touch sensitive buttons, making them flushed and completely round with a thinner illuminating halo. These buttons look similar to the Spanish Schindler touch sensitive buttons.

Floor indicators

Westinghouse AE style analogue display

Some Atlas elevators installed in the 1970s (and possibly 1980s as well) have analogue floor indicators that look very similar to Westinghouse's AE analogue floor indicators in the United States, with lamps arranged in a zig-zag line and lights up horizontally (from left to right). The only difference between this and Westinghouse's version, is that the directional arrows on Atlas's version are on the car station instead of the floor indicator panel.

Westinghouse style hall lanterns

Also during this era, Atlas used triangle shaped "arrow" hall lanterns that look very similar to Westinghouse in the United States. These were used from the 1950s up to the first generation of the Classe A series.


Touch sensitive Classe A (2nd generation)

Atlas continued making their 1970s-1980s round touch sensitive buttons in the early 1990s. This newer version had a smaller protruding halo that lights up in green when pressed.

Floor indicators

Atlas used floor indicators with digital segments display in the early 1990s. This indicator was used with both touch sensitive and non-touch 2nd gen Classe A, but only in commercial applications.

Rectangular Buttons

These fixtures look very similar to Classe A Vandal Resistant. These buttons consist of a horizontal rectangular polished steel button with a thin black halo around them and thin inscriptions with a small red LED above them. They were also used by Schindler as their Linha MS series.


Originally an Atlas project, it was then developed by Schindler in 1999. It consists of rectangle push buttons with a blue illuminating lamp on the side edge of the buttons, as well as a digital floor indicator. The external indicator has a curved rectangular shape and uses the same display and chimes as the Habitare line. These were the last fixtures Atlas have created before the buyout. After the buyout, Schindler (known as Atlas Schindler in Brazil) continued on making these fixtures for their Schindler NeoLift, a model of traction elevator produced by Atlas Schindler in Brazil and only sold in Central and South American countries. Atlas Schindler stopped making NeoLift in the late 2010s, so these fixtures have been discontinued.

Abitare and Ufficio

Also in the late 1990s, Atlas made another line up of modern fixtures that would later be used in a model of Schindler elevator after the buyout; the Schindler 310L (Abitare) and Schindler 510L (Ufficio) which were only sold in Central and South American countries. These fixtures consists of either touch sensitive buttons with a red illuminating strip and three floor indicator options: 7-segment displays, red LED dot matrix display, or digital red display. It has a similar button layout and shape as the European Otis 2000 fixtures. It is unknown if these fixtures were also used in the Schindler/Atlas Schindler NeoLift elevators. These fixtures might have been discontinued.

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