This is a list of elevator push buttons as well as floor indicators that are made by Elettromeccanica Milano S.r.l., otherwise known as simply ELMI.

Push buttons

ELMI currently makes four different types of push buttons, they are RP42, RP42Z, MP42 and RP63Z.


These are square buttons with a chrome-based frame, illuminating halo and button plate made of either stainless steel, polycarbonate or black/blue aluminium (with braille and tactile). They can also be used as indicators to indicate elevator conditions or status like over load, alarm being activated, travel directions, etc. RP42 buttons works on microswitch. These buttons are often used by IGV for their DomusLift elevators.


These are barrel shaped buttons with a chrome-based frame, illuminating halo and button plate made of either polycarbonate, black/blue aluminium or black/blue printed "zama" (which only has tactile). Like the RP42 series, these buttons can also be used as indicators. They also works on microswitch.

Interesting Paxton! Paxton Hydraulic Lift Elevator @ Anchorage Motor Lodge, Napier, NZ

Interesting Paxton! Paxton Hydraulic Lift Elevator @ Anchorage Motor Lodge, Napier, NZ

A Paxton branded elevator with ELMI RP42Z buttons in Napier, New Zealand (video by: NZ Lifts)


No information is known about these buttons.


These are large square push buttons with chromed frame and button plate made of either polycarbonate or blue coloured printed "zama". They have very small illuminating lamp on the top right corner of the buttons. Only the zama-based buttons have braille and tactile legend. These buttons can also be used as indicators, with illuminating symbol and number.

Floor indicators

ELMI currently makes LED 7 segments and/or dot matrix displays (three types, they are D64-D63, D66 and D74-D73), MULTIvision, VISION LCD and VISION Color. MULTIvision is a LED segments display. Both the VISION LCD and Color are possibly LCD displays.


  • Both the RP42 and RP63Z series buttons resembles Schaefer's MT 42 series push buttons, while the RP42Z buttons resembles Hyundai's Type 40 buttons.

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