This is list of different elevator fixtures that have been made by DMG.


BN Dune

These buttons have curved rectangular buttons with illuminating halo and braille/tactile plate attached with the button. The button plate can be stainless steel with an illuminating symbol or black die-cast metal. It is also possible for the button plate to be installed separately.

B7 Maxxi

These are large sized rounded square buttons with illuminating halo and tactile legend. In North America, these buttons are branded as MAD Colossus.

BP Panzer

These are round dome shaped vandal resistant buttons with a lamp in the middle. They can have square, Caesar Surround (rectangle plate with illuminating symbol, surrounding the button) or Brutus Surround (round plate, surrounding the button) braille plate. In North America, these fixtures are branded as MAD BP.

BS Sherman

These are round metal buttons with illuminating halo. There are four versions of this button; one is a dome shaped button (Sherman Classic), one is a flat button (Sherman Disc), one is a projecting button (Sherman California, designed to comply with California code), and one is a concave button (Sherman Moon). They can have square, Caesar (rectangle plate with illuminating symbol) or Brutus (round plate) braille plate. In North America, these fixtures are branded as MAD BS Series.


These are surface mounted buttons with either single illumination (both the halo and symbol illuminates in the same color) or dual illumination (both the halo and symbol illuminates in different color). There are several versions of these buttons:

  • BLS - round button with illuminating tactile and halo (also comes with dual illumination)
  • BLQ - square button, with illuminating tactile and halo (also comes with dual illumination), there is also a flush mounted version
  • BLX - similar to BLQ but comes with both non-illuminating tactile and braille (hence this button does not come with dual illumination option)
  • Unknown series - round button with pillowed square frame around the button, might have been discontinued

BX Equinox

These fixtures consist of oval shaped buttons, with a halo that lights up. The button might be on only one side of the oval, but this is unconfirmed. This button is also available with dual illumination. These fixtures are not sold in North America.

BM Macro

These fixtures consist of round buttons (stainless steel, inox, PVD gold, black coated or bronze) with a halo that lights up and a braille on the button. It can also be dual illumination, in which the tactile illuminates in a different color. These fixtures are not sold in North America.

BF Masquerade

These fixtures consist of round buttons, with or without a braille on them, a halo that lights up, and a frame around the button that can be round (series K), pillowed square (series F), or pillowed rectangle (series B). The button can be made out of plastic, stainless steel, or PVD (brass like coating). These fixtures are not sold in North America, but have been seen imported on ThyssenKrupp LEV elevators (pillowed square frame, plastic buttons).

BR Dardo

These buttons look very similar to the push buttons used by Schindler on their FI GS, Linea 100 and Linea 300 fixtures. These buttons can be flushed or surface mounted, and can have dual illumination which would illuminate in a similar fashion as Schindler's Linea 100 and 300 push buttons. These fixtures are not currently sold in North America, but will possibly be sold there in the future, which would probably to be branded as MAD BL Series.


B5Q[1] is one of DMG's older button series which have been discontinued. These buttons are made of clean plastic which lights up entirely when pressed (if the buttons have illumination). They were also possible to be mounted on DMG's older Caprice button panels[2]. DMG's B5Q buttons were also used in some Koppel A.W. elevators[3].


DMG uses Eurocylinder, KABA or VIRO Cylinder keyswitches. There is also Smart Key, which is an electronic key switch.

Floor indicators


These are digital floor indicators with a red LED segments display. These indicators can be square or round.

LED floor indicators (unknown model)

These LED floor indicators uses either a digital or dot matrix display. They are commonly used by Schindler as part of their FI MXB and FI MXV fixtures. It is unknown if DMG still make these indicators.

LCD indicators

DMG makes several types of TFT LCD displays for floor indicators, they are:

  • Matisse
  • Raffaello
  • Giotto
  • Raffaello and Giotto frontal mounted display

Touch screens

DMG also makes TFT LCD touch screens known as Matisse Touch. These fixtures are also sold in North America under MAD.


Murano Touch

These are touch screen fixtures made of black tempered glass. They consists of touch sensitive buttons and LCD floor indicators, and can be surface or flush mounted.


These are surface mounted fixtures made of stainless steel, with square push buttons and a vertical black trapezoid shaped display where an LCD floor indicator is shown. The design of the floor indicator display is meant to resemble the shape of the blade of a cutter, hence the name of the fixtures.

Venus columns

These are flushed mounted car stations.


These are surface mounted fixtures.


These are flushed mounted fixtures with rounded top and bottom side, and can be stainless steel, bronze or mirror.

Gilda Silverlight

These are surface mounted fixtures with rounded top and bottom side, and can be stainless steel or PVD gold.

Beetle line

These fixtures are similar to Gilda Silverlight, except that the rounded top and bottom sides are more rounded.


These are screwless surface mounted rectangle landing stations.

Gilda Corner

These are surface mounted rectangular fixtures with polycarbonated corners. They can be stainless steel or PVD gold.

Gilda metal end caps

These fixtures are similar to Gilda Corner, except that both the top and bottom side are fully covered by polycarbonate.


These are flushed mounted fixtures with rounded corners. DMG also makes a version of these fixtures with a rounded top which comes in various styles.


These are surface mounted angled horizontal car stations designed for passengers on wheelchair, similar to Schaefer's angled panels. These panels can be a single or double row, and are usually fitted with B7 Maxxi buttons for accessibility reason.


These are flush mounted, water and dust proof fixtures. These fixtures uses DMG's B3 waterproof push buttons which uses PVC caps.

Residential elevator fixtures

These are pretty basic and simple with boxless surface mounted panel, round buttons and digital floor indicator. These fixtures are normally used for residential elevators in private homes.

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