LG Elevators



Preceded by

GoldStar (1968-1994)

Succeeded by

LG-OTIS Elevator Company (2000-2003)
, OTIS-LG Elevator Company (2003-2006), Otis Elevator Korea (2006-present), Sigma Elevator Company (2000-present)



LG Elevators was the division of LG Electronics which manufactured elevators and escalators. It was acquired by Otis in 1999 and became LG-OTIS Elevator Company until in the mid 2000s when it changed name to Otis Elevator Korea.


LG, shorts for Lucky Goldstar, was the result of a merger between GoldStar and Lucky Chemical in 1994. Elevators and escalator produced from the mid 1990s onward were essentially rebranded GoldStar products. In 1999, the elevator division was acquired by Otis Elevator Company, later known as LG-OTIS Elevator Company[1] from 2000 until 2003, when it was renamed to OTIS-LG Elevator Company.[1] Later in 2006, OTIS-LG was again renamed to Otis Elevator Korea.

Notable elevator types/models

Like GoldStar, almost every LG's traction elevator model names made up of three letters. The first letter refers to the height application (low, mid or high-rise), the second letter refers to the fact that the model use VVVF, and the third letter refers to the elevator type.

All models except HVP-II uses geared machines. HVP-II uses gearless machines.

Low-rise models

  • LVP: Passenger elevator with 1 m/s speed
  • LVS: Service elevator
  • LVB: Bed elevator for hospitals
  • LVF: Freight elevator
  • LVO: Observation/scenic elevator

Mid-rise models

  • LVP: Passenger elevator
  • LVS: Service elevator
  • LVB: Bed elevator for hospitals
  • LVF: Freight elevator
  • LVO: Observation/scenic elevator

High-rise models

  • HVP-I: For buildings up to 30 floors. It uses a geared machine with helical gears and has speeds from 90 to 150 m/min or 1.5 to 2.5 m/s.
  • HVP-II: For buildings with more than 30 floors. It uses a gearless machine and has speeds from 120 to 360 m/min or 2 to 6 m/s.


These models were successors of the LVP, MVP and HVP models. These models have button beep added inside the elevator, and some of the elevators have the ability to cancel car calls by simply pressing the same floor button again.

Di (Distributed Inverter)

Main article: Sigma Di

A successor of LGP, MGP and HGP, this is a geared and gearless elevator made from 1999 until 2004. In this model, the digital segments on the floor indicators have been changed from red to orange. In addition, a button beep inside has become a standard feature and some elevators have the ability to cancel a car call selection. Di consists of four series:

  • Di1: This model is for low to mid-rise buildings
  • Di2: This is a mid-rise elevator model with helical gear machine and 30-150 m/min speeds.
  • Ds4: This is a high-rise elevator model with gearless machine and 120-240 m/min speeds, simlar to HVP-II.
  • Di5: Another high-rise elevator model.

Elevator fixtures

Main article: List of LG elevator fixtures

Notable installations

Main article: List of notable LG elevator installations

Notable overseas distributors

  • Hyatt Elevators and Escalators Corporation (Philippines, 1995-1998)[2]
  • PT. Jaya Kencana (Indonesia, 1995-1999)


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