Kone Westinghouse was the merging brand between Kone and Westinghouse's European elevator divisions (France, Belgium and Germany), which was formed in 1975 after Kone took over Westinghouse's two European elevator divisions; Société Frangaise des Ascenseurs Westinghouse in France and Westinghouse Electric Corporation, S.A. in Belgium[1]. Not much is known about this brand, but it was presumed that the brand was absorbed by Kone and no longer exists.

Notable installations

  • 123 Tête d'Or Street - Lyon, France


  • Kone Westinghouse elevators were also sold in Singapore and Malaysia under its exclusive distributor Harrisons Lister Engineering Ltd.[2], which was originally the sole agent of Schindler elevators in both countries from the 1950s until 1975.


RARE old Kone-Westinghouse elevator - 123 Tête d'Or Street - Lyon, France

RARE old Kone-Westinghouse elevator - 123 Tête d'Or Street - Lyon, France

Kone Westinghouse elevator in Lyon, France (video by: The French Elevator Channel)

Notes and references

Schindler lifts (Dewhurst fixtures 2) "This elevator only serves two floors."
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