Kleemann is a Greek multinational elevator company founded in 1983. Based on the know-how and license of KLEEMANN HUBTECHNIK GmbH, nowadays it operates both in the manufacturing and the trading of elevators, mostly for third-party elevator installation and maintenance companies (similar practice to Spanish Orona). The head office is based in Kilkis, Northern Greece, with offices and subsidiaries in 10 territories serving more than 90 countries worldwide.

Its marketing slogan is Your 1st Choice in Lifts.

Its main target markets are its domestic (Greece) and various developing countries, in which investors and building owners didn't have enough money to buy elevators from major manufacturers, instead prefering products of such companies as Kleemann. It operates in major and developped markets as well, for example opening its self-owned sales and distribution subsidiary in UK in 2012. Also, company's direction appeared in various major media outlets, such as BBC and CNBC, especially to promote its international expansion.


Kleemann was established in 1983 as Kleemann Hellas SA after a contract for transfer of know-how from the German-based Kleemann Hubtechnik GmbH. In 2001, Kleemann had a joint venture with Fermator S.A. as means of Fermator's production expansion to Greece. In 2002, the company began manufacturing new elevator cabs and their own machine roomless elevators.

Group of companies

As of 2020, there are 11 subsidiaries of Kleemann:

Company name Based in Established Note
KLEEMANN China Kunshan, China 2011
KLEEMANN Lifts UK Bicester, United Kingdom 2011
KLEEMANN Aufzüge Krefeld, Germany 2015
KLEEMANN Ascenseurs Paris, France 2010
KLEEMANN Liftovi Belgrade, Serbia 2005
KLEEMANN Asansör Istanbul, Turkey 2001
KLEEMANN Services Nicosia, Cyprus 2012
KLEEMANN Russia Moscow, Russia 2012
KLEEMANN Lift RO Bucharest, Romania 2006
KLEEMANN Australia NSW, Australia 2015
KLEFER Automatic Lift Doors Kilkis, Greece 1999 Joint venture between KLEEMANN and Tecnolama-Fermator.

List of products


  • Atlas Basic: Cost-effective machine room less traction elevator for residential buildings.
  • Atlas Premium: Machine room less traction elevator (up to 1000 kilograms capacity) for commercial and public buildings.
  • Atlas Gigas: Machine room less traction elevator (1050-2500 kilograms capacity) for commercial, public and industrial buildings.
  • Atlas Super Gigas: Machine room less traction freight elevator (2500-5000 kilograms capacity) for industrial buildings.
  • Atlas RPH: Machine room less traction elevator for residential buildings with limited pit and headroom dimensions, or existing buildings which initially did not have an elevator.
  • FlexyLIFT: Hydraulic elevator for residential buildings with limited pit and headroom dimensions, or existing buildings which initially did not have an elevator.
  • Compact: Hydraulic hoisting lifts for industrial buildings.
  • HRS: High speed MR/MRL elevator for high rise buildings.
  • Maison: Series of home/residential elevators for private homes.
    • Maison One: Cost-effective hydraulic elevator.
    • Maison T Basic: Premium machine room less traction elevator.
    • Maison T Plus: Machine room less traction elevator for shafts with limited pit and headroom.
    • MaisonLIFT Basic: Hydraulic elevator for shafts with low pit and headroom.
    • MaisonLIFT Plus: Premium hydraulic elevator for shafts with limited pit and headroom.
  • Marine elevators
  • Dumbwaiters

Escalators and moving walks

These are supplied by Suzhou Jiangnan Jiajie Elevator Co. Ltd. (SJEC) and branded as "KLEEMANN" in Greece and Australia.

  • Escalators:
    • KEC: Commercial escalators for public buildings.
    • KEH: Escalators for public transit facilities.
  • Moving walkways:
    • KTC/KTH: Moving walks for public buildings.
    • KTW: Heavy duty moving walks.


  • freeSTAIR: Stairlift and wheelchair lift.
  • Parking Systems:
    • KTS: Car lifting systems
    • KPS: Car parking systems
    • Scissor Lift Platforms
    • Puzzle Parking Systems
    • Vehicle Turntables

Elevator fixtures

Main article: List of Kleemann elevator fixtures

Notable installations

Main article: List of notable Kleemann elevator installations

List of distributors

Overseas distributors

Company name Country Remarks
PT. Aina Bendito Dios Indonesia
Al Yousuf Elevators and Escalators UAE
Arzouni National Contracting Company Kuwait
Ascensores y Servicios Peru
Astralift B.V. Netherlands
Astro Power Systems Pakistan
Concept Elevators & Engineering Ltd. Bangladesh
Cremer Lifts Ltd. New Zealand
Darwish Elevators Company W.L.L Qatar
DMAT Products Co., Ltd. Thailand
Elevation World Limited Kenya
Elevator Services Group Australia
ENG-CONS Ltd. Kenya
ETS Mansouri Tunisia
European Innovative Technologies Ltd. Russia
Huy Hoang Equipment Import and Export Joint Stock Company Vietnam
Hymeri Kleemann SH.P.K. Albania
I.T.K. AB Sweden Based in Stockholm.
Ibrahim Yali Ahmed & Sons General Trading and Contracting Co. Kuwait
Injtekhcentr Ltd. Russia
PT. Kayama Setia Makmur Indonesia
Khaled Juffali Elevators & Escalators Co. Saudi Arabia
Lift Engineering North Macedonia
Lift Sales Pty. Ltd. Australia
Lift Technics and Services Belgium
LIFTKOM-T Uzbekistan
Marafie Engineering Group Co. Kuwait
Octagon Lifts Australia
OJSC (Open Joint Stock Company) Bellift Belarus
RC Hissservice AB Sweden
Rei Lift Ltd. Bulgaria
SARL ZDF Ascenseurs Algeria
SRL Augustelift Moldova
Stroilift-Montazhgroup Russia
T.E.P. Lifts Ltd. Cyprus
Tech Engineering Group Ltd. Georgia
The Britannic Lift Company United Kingdom
TJ Lift Solution Ltd. United Kingdom
Top Elevators Company Palestina
Top Serv Ltd. Malta
Tramétex Netherlands
Translift Asia Kazakhstan
Union Group International LLC Ukraine

Domestic distributors

  • BPD Elevators (Athens)
  • Euro Lift (Crete)
  • Lemonidis Elevators (Evosmos)
  • Nikolaou Elevators


  • Kleemann escalators and moving walkways are in fact SJEC products from China that are rebranded as Kleemann.

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