Kalea Lifts


1898 (Sweden)


Utmarksvägen 13, S-802 91 Gävle, Sweden


Platform lifts, cabin lifts and stairlifts

Parent company

Cibes Lift Group


Kalea Lifts is a manufacturer of low speed screw/nut driven platform lifts, cabin lifts and stairlifts which was established in 1898. Currently headquartered in Gävle, Sweden, Kalea is one of the three brands that belongs to Cibes Lift Group; the other two are Cibes Lift and NTD Lifts.


As Kalea is a brand of the Cibes Lift Group as well as a subsidiary of Cibes Lift, all the platform lifts, cabin lifts and stairlifts are made by Cibes Lift but branded as KALEA and marketed with different series name. In Kalea Lifts, the platform and cabin lifts are divided into two categories; passenger and goods lifts.

Passenger lifts

  • A4 Primo: KALEA branded Cibes A5000 and A7000 platform lift. The compact version (with reduced dimensions) is called A4 Primo Compact.
  • A4 Cabina S: The KALEA branded of Cibes A6000S, this is a cabin lift designed for existing shafts.
  • A4 Cabina: The KALEA branded Cibes A6000, this is a cabin lift installed with its own shaft.
  • A4 Cabina GL: Same like Cibes A900, it is a luxurious cabin lift
  • A4 Mini: This is a KALEA branded Cibes A4000 platform lift for private homes.
  • A4 Mille: KALEA branded Cibes A8000. It is a platform lift with bigger capacity (up to 1000 kg) designed to carry stretcher.
  • B385: An open platform lift with half height doors.

Goods lifts

  • A4 Mille: KALEA branded Cibes A8000, this is a platform lift with bigger capacity for carrying goods.


  • Roll On Compact: KALEA branded Cibes A200, this is a foldable stairlift for straight stairways.
  • Roll On Porta: KALEA branded Cibes A300, this is an all weather-proofed stairlift for straight stairways.
  • SwingOn: Fully automatic entrance stairlift.


  • Axess 4 All (United Kingdom)
  • Castor Mekaniske A/S (Norway)
  • G1 Lifts Ltd. (United Kingdom)
  • Geslift (Belgium)
  • GS Aufzuge (Austria)
  • LG Lyft & Elteknik AB (Sweden)
  • Manor Park Lifts (United Kingdom)
  • Phoenix Elevators Ltd. (New Zealand)
  • Platform Lift Company (United Kingdom)
  • PT. Maxima Elevator (Indonesia)
  • PT. Solusi Elevator Indonesia (Indonesia)
  • RehaLIFT (Poland)
  • Swee Hin Elevator Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
  • Triennium Lift (Saudi Arabia)
  • Wessex Lifts (United Kingdom)

Notable installations


  • Bruksvägen 15, Östra Ersboda, Umeå
  • Esprit, Solna Centrum, Stockholm
  • Åsbäcksgatan 28B, 36A&B, 38A and 42C, Söderhamn
  • Torggatan 18C, Gnesta


  • Claymore Connect Mall
  • Great World City
  • PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road
  • Sembawang Secondary School

Other countries

  • Altstadt Hotel Le Stelle, Lucerne, Switzerland


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