Not to be confused with Elevator Inspection Certificate.

Inspection service is designed to provide access to the hoist way and car top for inspection and maintenance purposes by qualified elevator mechanics.

How it works

Inspection service mode is first activated by a key switch on the car operating panel usually labeled 'Inspection', 'Car Top', 'Access Enable' or 'HWENAB'. When this switch is activated the elevator will come to a stop if moving, car calls will be canceled (and the buttons disabled), and hall calls will be assigned to other elevator cars in the group (or canceled in a single elevator configuration). The elevator can now only be moved by the corresponding 'Access' key switches, usually located at the highest (to access the top of the car) and lowest (to access the elevator pit) landings. The access key switches will allow the car to move at reduced inspection speed with the hoist way door open. This speed can range from anywhere up to 60% of normal operating speed on most controllers, and is usually defined by local safety codes.

Elevators have a car top inspection station that allows the car to be operated by a mechanic in order to move it through the hoist way. Generally, there are three buttons — UP, RUN, and DOWN. Both the RUN and a direction button must be held to move the car in that direction, and the elevator will stop moving as soon as the buttons are released. There is also a button labeled as 'NS' (non-stop) which is used to skip hall calls. Nowadays most modern elevators have these switches located on the elevator service cabinet. Most other elevators have an up/down toggle switch and a RUN button.

The inspection panel also has standard power outlets for work lamps and powered tools (some panels do not have these).


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It's the goods lift again - COP Inspection switch

It's the goods lift again - COP Inspection switch


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