PT. Indo Elevator Industri Pratama


1982 (Surabaya, Indonesia)

Bought by

Kone (1995)

Succeeded by

PT. Kone Indo Elevator

Indolift (official full company name PT. Indo Elevator Industri Pratama or PT. Indo Elevator (Mfg.) Co. Ltd.) was an elevator company in Indonesia. They made both traction and hydraulic passenger, bed/hospital, panoramic and freight elevators as well as dumbwaiters[1]


The history of the company started out in 1974 when PT. Harton Tektama, a local mechanical and electrical engineering firm, was established and became the sole distributor of Italian made Semag elevators in Indonesia. The firm's role and experience in the vertical transportation field led to the establishment of a new local elevator company as part of the government's program of using domestic/local made products. In 1982, Indolift was established and registered as PT. Indo Elevator Industri Pratama. The company started its experimental production in July 1986 followed by a commercial production in January 1987 under the trademark "INDOLIFT". The first Indolift elevator was installed in January 1987 at the Bank Pasar Swadesi building in Surabaya, which was a 15 persons-capacity deluxe passenger elevator serving five floors. Until the late 1980s, it was the first and only Indonesian elevator company that was able to produce elevators locally. The company claimed that only 30% of its product components were imported, while the rest were locally made. Meanwhile, PT. Harton Tektama served as the sole distributor of Indolift elevators in Indonesia.

In 1994, Kone established a joint venture with Indolift as a mean of entering the Indonesian market. They owned a 46% shareholding in the joint venture. A year later, the joint venture was 100% acquired by Kone[2] and the company changed name into PT. KONE Indo Elevator. After the acquisition, Kone began installing elevators that were pretty much identical to 1990s Indolift elevators that were produced and installed before the acquisition, such as reusing Indolift's signal fixtures, cabs, and other components. Kone's 1980s-1990s M-Series chimes were also used on these elevators as well[3]. There are still a few number of such Kone installations that can be found in Indonesia.


The head office, factory and showroom of the company was located on Jalan Raya Rungkut Menanggal No. 11, Surabaya. It consist of a four storey building with a hydraulic elevator and a 8 storey testing tower with a traction elevator for elevator testing purposes. The factory had a 4000 meters per square area. It also had representatives in Jakarta and Bandung. It is unknown if Indolift had representatives in other major cities in Indonesia.

After the acquisition, Kone opened a factory in Waru, Sidoarjo (now closed) as well as a branch office in Jl. Untung Suropati, Surabaya, before moving to a building somewhere in the city and later moved again to Waru, Sidoarjo where it is currently located.

Notable installations in Indonesia

There are still quite few numbers of Indolift elevators exist in the country, but some of them have been put out of service indefinitely, modernized or replaced by elevator companies.

Existing installations


  • Papa Jack Kopitiam, Lokasari Square[4]
  • Plaza Mebel Fatmawati (1992)
  • grandkemang Hotel (1993, two have been modernized by LiSA)
  • Moemoe Cafe Mahakam (refurbished by AMKA)
  • Cilandak 88 Condominium
  • RS Khusus THT - Bedah KL Proklamasi (1991, dumbwaiter)[1]
  • Ombudsman Republik Indonesia
  • PT. Thomas Express, Gunung Sahari
  • Harapan Bunda Hospital (modernized by Diao Elevator)


  • Limijati Women's and Children's Hospital - Building A
  • Halmahera Siaga Hospital (1992)
  • Savoy-Homann Hotel (most have been modernized and replaced into Louser Lift)
  • Institute of Technology Bandung
    • Labtek V
    • Labtek VI
  • Hotel Baltika
  • Endah Parahyangan Hotel


  • Inna Garuda Hotel (extension, 1991)[5]
  • The Phoenix Hotel (refurbished by APG Elevator)
  • Abadi Hotel (service elevator)
  • University of National Development "Veteran" - Administration Building


  • Gotong Royong Hospital (older building, modernized in 2015)
  • Klinik Medis Pusura, Jl. Mayjend Sungkono[4]
  • Galeri Indosat Kayoon
  • Double Happiness International Restaurant
  • August 17th 1945 High School (SMA 17 Agustus 1945)
  • November 10th Institute of Technology - Library Building (1995)[6]
  • PT. PAL Indonesia, Ujung (extension building, unfinished)


  • Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel, Sanur (1991)
  • Bali Anggrek Inn, Kuta[4] (building abandoned)

Other cities

  • Hotel Santika Cirebon, Cirebon (1993)
  • Tiban Mosque, Turen, Malang
  • Hotel Surya Prigen Tretes, Tretes, Pasuruan (dumbwaiter)

Former installations

  • Universitas Indonesia (Salemba) - Faculty of Dentistry, Jakarta (replaced into Delta Lift in 2017)
  • Graha Pos Indonesia (formerly Wahana Bakti Pos Building), Bandung (replaced into thyssenkrupp in 2018)
  • Graha Wiyata UNTAG, Surabaya (replaced)
  • Plaza Andhika, Surabaya (replaced into Sigma elevator)
  • Bali Garden Beach Resort, Bali (1988-2014)[7]


Main article: Indolift Fixtures Guide


  • Possibly from the 1980s until early 1990s, Indolift used machines that were manufactured by either Montanari Giulio & C. or Motor Lift s.r.l. from Italy[8]. On later models, they used machines and controllers made by Kone up until the acquisition.
  • Their emergency rescue device is called "Emergenzamatic".
  • Some 1990s Indolift elevators use GAL door interlocks.
  • When Kone began entering the Indonesian market, a lot of Indolift elevators produced and installed in the 1990s used Kone's Traffic Master System (TMS) 600 series controllers.
  • Indolift was the first Indonesian elevator company in Indonesia, followed by Louser Lift which was established in 1987.



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