Independent service is a special service mode found on most elevators. It is activated by a key switch either inside the elevator itself or on a centralized control panel in the lobby. This special mode is usually used when transporting large freights or moving groups of people between certain floors.

How it works

When an elevator is placed on independent service, it will no longer respond to hall calls. In a bank of elevators, the traffic is rerouted to the other elevators, while in a single elevator, the hall buttons are disabled. The elevator will remain parked on a floor with its doors open until a floor is selected and the door close button is held until the elevator starts to travel. Some elevators have you hold the button of the button of the desired floor in until the elevator starts moving.


  • In ThyssenKrupp elevator, the key type is L203 to activate the mode in these elevators.



Independent service on vintage Touch Sensitive Otis elevator

Independent service on vintage Touch Sensitive Otis elevator

Voice messages

  • "This lift is under service control." - International Lift Equipment SerComms voice and SkyComms voice.
Elevator Special Modes 

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Schindler lifts (Dewhurst fixtures 2) "This elevator only serves two floors."
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