Nantong Hunter Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 南通亨特电气设备有限公司) or simply known as Hunter, is a Chinese company based in Jiangsu province, China which manufactures elevator fixtures (push buttons and panels), switches, and other related components.

List of known elevator fixtures

This list is currently incomplete.

Hunter's elevator fixtures are often used by third-party elevator companies in China and other countries in Asia. Some of the push buttons are also used by Toshiba and its Malaysian subsidiary MS Elevators.


Square buttons

  • HB152: Black square button with illuminating halo and tactile.
  • HB165: Square stainless steel button with braille, and illuminating halo and number.
  • HB128: A bit similar to HB165, but the frame is thinner.
  • HB114: Square stainless steel button with raised number, braille and an illuminating halo.
  • HB225 / HB226: Square stainless steel button with braille and illuminating halo and tactile.

Round buttons

  • HB219: Round stainless steel button with illuminating halo and white tactile, as well as braille.
  • HB224: Round stainless steel button with braille and illuminating halo and tactile.

Hall and car stations (operating panel)

Note: HCP denotes car station, while HHP denotes hall stations

  • HCP80 / HHP60: Surface mounted panel with aluminium frame on the sides.
  • HCP66 / HHP66: Surface mounted stainless steel panel with black sides, a large floor indicator display on the top and a rounded top.


  • In Indonesia, Hunter fixtures are commonly used by LINES since around the early 2010s, particularly the HB165 series push buttons.
  • Hunter's HB128 series buttons are also used by Mashiba of Malaysia.

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