Destination Floor Reservation System (DFRS, also known as FIBEE) is a destination dispatch elevator system invented by Hitachi.


In this system, the conventional hall buttons are replaced by destination floor registration devices to register the destination floor. After that, the DFRS system will assign the optimal elevator for each of the registered destination floors. Therefore, the system can reduce congestion at the elevator hall, increased handing capacity and saving energy by original technology.

Notable installations


  • MBK Tower, Bangkok
  • Bhiraj Tower at EmQuartier, Bangkok (2015)
  • G Tower, Bangkok (2016)
  • Pearl Bangkok, Bangkok (2017)
  • Bank of Ayudhya Phloen Chit Head Offices, Bangkok (2018)
  • MEA Headquarters Klongtoei - Wattanawipas Building, Bangkok (2018)


  • Menara Bangkok Bank, Kuala Lumpur
  • Excellent Bonanza, Kuala Lumpur (2013)


  • Block B (Redeveloped), St. Pauls Hospital, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, China (2017)[1]
  • South Island Place, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong, China (2019)
  • Jimei University Shangdalou Building, Xiamen, China (2018, replacement from XJ Siemens Elevator)[2]


  • DUO Tower (2017)
  • Guoco Tower - Tanjong Pagar Centre (2017)
  • City House

Other countries

  • Burj Al Salam Tower, Dubai, UAE (2013)





  • This system is currently the second most popular destination dispatch system in Thailand.
  • Unlike most other destination dispatch elevators, this system can pre-assigned multiple non-numeric floors.[3][1]
  • English voiceovers and chimes are mostly included in this system.
  • It is the fourth type of destination dispatch system installed in Hong Kong.
    • It also firstly meet the Hong Kong's "Design Manual - Barrier Free Access 2008 (BFA 2008)" standard which was revised in September, 2015[4] for destination dispatch as well, while the voiceover provides Cantonese, Putonghua and English speech.

Notes and references

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