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Pet mode is a special operation for elevators with pets inside, developed by Fujitec. It is activated by a button labelled as "ペット" (Romanji: Petto, Translation: Pet). It is only found in XIOR elevators in Japan.

How it works

When a pet owner enters the elevator with his/her pet, the pet owner presses the ペット button and then the floor button. The floor indicator will displays "PET ON BOARD" (in English and Japanese). The elevator will then bypass all floors until it reaches the destination. If there are multiple destinations, it will only be deactivated when all destinations are served.

Technical details

  • Only found in Residential Installations
  • The pet mode will not affect crime prevention, fire recall and earthquake return mode.
  • The elevator that is set to pet mode is isolated and will not answer other hall calls until the destination(s) is/are served.
  • The elevator will not be allowed to access locked off floors unless a unlocking device (code/card/key) is introduced.
  • This mode is also able to be used in attendant service.
  • Speed will usually be 10% to 20% slower than other elevators in the bank
  • Usually has only one or two with the function in banks of up to 3 or more elevators

Pros and cons


  • Does not cause nuisance to other passengers in the elevator (who may be afraid of animals)
  • Does not infect other passengers if the animal has an infection
  • Will keep the pet's stress to a minimum (pets may become aggressive under stressful situations).


  • May cause inconvenience to other passengers if there is only one elevator
  • Might delay operations of medical service
  • Others may misuse the function
  • Might delay services if there are multiple destinations to serve
  • Might cause other elevators in the bank to stop at more floors
  • Wastes more electricity
  • Might overload other elevators at busy floors during rush hours


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