Fermator Group is a supplier of elevator components. Based in Reus, Spain, it is the largest manufacturer of automatic elevator doors in the world for low, medium and heavy duty traffic applications in public buildings, offices, hotels, residentials, airports and transport facilities. Fermator has manufacturing plants located in France, Italy, Poland, Greece, India, China and Brazil.

Fermator also manufactures automatic elevator doors for Schindler 3300, 3100 and 3400 elevators.


Fermator was founded in 1977 in Reus, Spain. The reason of the creation of Technolama is because back in the 1970s there were many companies in Spain installing elevators but none of them made automatic doors for elevators.

In 1995, the company launched their new door range equipped with electronic control and VVVF technology drive. In 2001, Fermator had a joint venture with the Greece-based Kleemann Hellas S.A. Fermator opened their first South American production facility in Brazil in 2003, Technoamérica Indústria e Comércio Ltda. In 2007, Fermator acquired Ets Henri Peignen S.A., a door manufacturing plant in Melun, France, which was previously owned by the Schindler Group.


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