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Express Evans is an elevator division that belongs to Otis in the United Kingdom.


Express Evans was established in 1997 when Otis bought out Express. Otis used this brand to sell cheaper elevators, to keep the reputation of the Otis brand. Now, Otis sells cheaper Gen2 elevators under this name.

Elevator fixtures

Main article: Express Evans Fixtures Guide

Notable installations

  • Debenhams, Chester
  • WHSmith branches:
    • Cardiff
    • Bedford
    • Colchester
    • Worthing
    • Bury St Edmunds
    • Leamington Spa
  • Waterstones branches:
    • Lincoln
    • Hereford
    • Bath Spa
    • Piccadilly
  • M&S branches:
    • Nottingham
    • Shrewsbury
    • Milton Keynes
    • Sheffield
  • Boots branches:
    • Peterborough
    • Guildford
    • Cardiff
  • Holiday Inn Express Birmingham International
  • West Central Apartments, Southampton
  • TKMaxx, Derby
  • White Hart Hotel, Harrogate
  • The Range, Kidderminster
  • HMV, Southampton
  • BHS, Lincoln
  • JJBSports, Exeter
  • Rothboro Buildings, Guildford
  • Gade Car Park, Watford
  • Sutton Car Park, Watford
  • Charter Car Park, Watford
  • Barclays, Shewsbury
  • Old Market Hall, Shewsburry
  • Brunels Shed, Bristol

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