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An escalator on the right of the picture which fully modernized by Kone in September, 2014. Completed in April, 2015, from original CNIM escalator.

Escalator modernization is a process of replacing or refurbishing the critical parts of the escalators in order for it to be able to handle new technology, have better performance, improve safety, and even give the aesthetics an up-to-date appeal[1].

There are three types modernization: partial modernization, full modernization, or full replacement.


The build-up of the escalators which more complicated than the elevators since the whole escalator truss, steps, controllers, motor, etc. are installed from the manufacturing plant by elevator and escalator companies and deliver to the site by hanging to the corresponding position[2][3]. For the age of using, equipment become increasingly difficult to find or replace, along with code changes and deteriorating ride performance. However, if the building owners wish to upgrade the whole escalator system in early 2000s or even earlier, that is mean they need to replace whole escalators within the whole escalator structures nearby (which means every escalators in same section of the building needs to be shutdown when the replacement begins)[4]. Other way which is refurbishing with some parts such as handrails and landing plates but the frequent breakdown still exist.

Until 2004, Kone introduce the world first escalator full modernization package called "EcoMod" which just need to keep the exterior panel of balustrade and truss and all other parts of the single escalator are replaced[5][6][7], to minimize the nuisance during the escalator modernization, improve the ride quality and support the code changes. For this successful solutions, some other elevator companies also offer similar solution for escalator full modernization (except Otis).

It must however be emphasised that, with properly maintained and periodically examination, the existing escalators are safe for use[8].

The process

Please refer to major alterations.

For starters, an escalator modernization plan will have to be created. This is done usually with the help of an elevator service company which can also do modernization.

This process will make all parts of the escalator will have to be modernized, except the existing truss and exterior panel of balustrade in the current site (hence the lighting and fire sprinklers under the escalator will not removed), making sure that code compliance is met. Once this is done, preventive maintenance will have to be done until the escalator is removed from service.

During this time, the escalator will be out of service, so building owners will have to compensate for this. This includes proper diversion of building’s traffic (usually provide alternative route for access), creating contingency plans, and so on. This is needed because depending on the amount of modernization done, the number of escalators, and the size of the building, the whole process may take anywhere from a few months, to a whole year.

When the process complete, elevator service company must complete the escalator examination for newly installed escalator or escalator recently complete the major alterations before it back in service.

Companies which provide escalator full modernization

This is a list contains only companies offer the escalator full modernization packages (which only leave the truss in the current site).

Company Package name Provided since Note
Kone EcoMod
(EcoMod 2)
(2010 for EcoMod 2)
The world first escalator full modernization package.

EcoMod 2 adds the possibility to modernize non-Kone branded[9] escalators.
Only American market still using EcoMod's name, while other countries are using EcoMod 2's name.

Mitsubishi Esmotion (エスモーション Esumōshon) [10]
(among with Series Z escalator)
2007 Only for Mitsubishi escalators.
Schindler Escalator Upgrade 2010
(2015 for outside America)
"Escalator Upgrade" has been renamed to "InTruss" for American market since 2016[11]
Hitachi EsKindTruss (also known as MXS, エスカイントラス Esukaintorasu)
(with VX Series)
2010 Only for Hitachi escalators.
thyssenkrupp I.MOD 2011
(2016 for outside America)
"I.MOD" has been renamed to "ES-Power" for American market since 2015
Fujitec Unit-in-Truss[12][13] (ユニット in トラス) and Fit-in-Truss (フィット in トラス)[14]
(among with GS8000-NX escalator)
2014[15] Only for Fujitec escalators.



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